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Be still my heart

Hello fair readers!

There are days when Chicago can exhaust me. Make me feel like I’m not entirely sure why I live here.

But Thursday was not one of those days. It was the opposite. It was one of those days when I look around me and think, I am so freaking lucky.

an example of one such day

Sometimes it just takes a walk on the lakefront, like in the picture. But on Thursday, it was a concert at the Metro.

Yeasayer at the Metro

I woke up and decided “Well I know this is sold out but gee, I’d really like to go see Sleigh Bells and Yeasayer tonight” So I headed over to Craigslist, searching for tickets only to find that 1. People selling tickets for face value were going ridiculously fast And 2. Lots of tickets were being sold for waaay over face value (damn scalpers)

So! I decided to post my own ad which read as follows: “This librarian would like to rock her socks off at the Yeasayer concert tonight after working a long day at the library. Please sell me your tickets. (Pretty please?)”

Low and behold, a couple hours later I received an email with the subject heading “Have your tickets” and the body of the email read “I love librarians.” And I got them for face value.

Yes. And here is an example of what I was able to see that night:

(That video is from Coachella but my gawd you get the point…they sound ridiculous live)

I also had the pleasure…the absolute pleasure to see Sleigh Bells:

I mean, come on. How sick is that?? It was amazing. It was stunning. That woman is my hero.

The crowd was awesome. The Metro was also awesome. I looked around, looked at my boyfriend, looked at the bands and realized how incredibly blessed I am to be in such an amazing city. So amazing.

Thank you Chicago. Whenever I feel blue, you find a way to remind me of just how special you really are.

i love chicago

My kind of town.

Have a lovely weekend fair readers.