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Winter: A Pathfinder

Hello fair readers,

You see that?

"Chicago Dibs", Chicago - 1/11/09 taken from Flickr

It’s snow. Comes every year round these parts. I honestly wish Chicago had a little more of the white stuff and a little less of the negative degree temps…but I’m tough. A Northern gal, through and through.

So I wanted to share a few resources that might come in handy this time of the year, due to my winter enthusiasm. A pathfinder of sorts.

Gift Guides

Some of my favorite blogs have some excellent gift guides for those of us completely at a loss for what to buy loved ones during the holidays. Here are a few:

Design Sponge

This rockin’ design blog is something you should probably be reading anyways if you are even remotely interested in design. I highly recommend it. But they also do annual gift guides which are always hip (sometimes too much so) and unique. My favs:  Under $25, Under $50, and my personal favorite is when the creator of the blog’s husband AC writes the For Him gift guide…they are always hilarious AC’s Guide for Guys


This techy gawker blog has some really great ones,  you can search by the tag “Gift Guide” for all their guides, but here are some of my personal favs: Combo gifts for people whose birthdays are near the holidays, Geek gifts for weird relatives you have to buy gifts for but don’t want to, and Toys and games to buy smart kids whose parents you actually like

Giver’s Log

This website is just one giant gift guide. You can select by category or occasion and the gifts are always unique and interesting.  I personally love: A small gift for a grown up’s birthday, Gifts from your kitchen, Handmade gifts for grown ups


I find that winter music falls into two categories. Songs that complement the cold and songs that complement the holidays. Using the sweetest mixtape website to ever manage to stay online for more than two seconds, 8tracks I created two mixes that fall into these categories.

Wintery Mix

This mix falls into the first category. Songs that complement the cold. Contains Boards of Canada, Volcano Choir, Cat Power and others. Check it out: http://8tracks.com/leahthelibrarian/wintery-mix

Winter Solstice 2009

It is actually a tradition in my family to throw a big party on the Solistice and then my Father makes everyone a mix cd with holiday tunes. So here is my version, since I’m never able to make it back for Solstice anymore. In case you need to be warned, this contains Christmas songs. If you hate them, then do not click here: http://8tracks.com/leahthelibrarian/winter-solstice-2009


What would winter be without warm crockpot recipes and amazingly dark beers to keep us all fat and happy. Here are some of my favorite drinks/recipes for winter.

Hot Mulled Wine

Moroccan Lentil Stew

My old standby: Guinness

A vegetarian version of this potato soup (tip: sub chipolte peppers and/or smoked onions for bacon)

Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter

Now you have all the tools you need to survive this winter! Well…for the most part. 🙂 Have a lovely wintery week fair readers! And stay warm!