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Belated Obligatory New Year Post (redux)

Hello fair readers,

I never get these things up on time! Just like last year

2010 was special. It was my year of change. I moved in with my boyfriend and headed to a new neighborhood—got a new job, in a new type of library, in a field I never imagined myself specializing in–I published my very first featured article in Library Journal–I turned 28, moving just a bit further into my late twenties–co-founded the Chicago Deskset. Also my little nephew Oscar turned 1 and started to walk and talk and become a tiny little person. There have been lots of big moments.

But as usual, this has been a year of good reads, great concerts and complete loves. How could it not? Here are my favorites…

Cut Copy at Lollapalooza

I wish I could find the perfect youtube video to show you how completely in the palm of Cut Copy’s hands we were…it was just amazing. He said jump, we jumped. A lot. It was a total blast. Everyone danced. Everyone leaped around. We just fed off each other. I haven’t been to such a perfectly in sync concert with the musicians and the crowd just vibing off each other like that in years. Made Lollapalooza definitely the best concert experience of 2010.

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

What can I say, other than: Go read it. Now. You can thank me later. Don’t worry that it was picked by Oprah for her book club. Who cares? Just get to a library and grab a copy of this book. Seriously….now! Stop reading this silly blog and go!

Grand Canyon National Park

Sometimes I think about how much I underestimated the power and majesty of the Grand Canyon…and then I laugh at myself. This was simply the best. We did a great deal of hiking at the canyon. I have done small hikes but this was a whole new level. It was so challenging and so incredibly rewarding in ways I never knew possible. Nothing compares to hiking on an unmaintained path, up the edge of the Grand Canyon. It changes things. Going to the Grand Canyon was a much needed reminder for me. I cannot wait to go back and discover more. Some people feel patriotic when they see an American Flag? Well this makes me feel patriotic. America the Beautiful, indeed.

There’s more. More moments and songs and books and words. 2010 was pretty good to me, looking at it overall. Funny how each year just brings more surprises. More depth. I can hardly wait.

Happy New Year, fair readers. To the days to come!


Belated Obligatory New Year Post

Hello fair readers!

Happy belated 2010 to you!

omg it flashes!

Yay, flashing clipart! Classy!

I thought I would do what I should be doing on my  blog, which is obviously making lists of all things 2009-ish…just two weeks after everyone else is doing it. That’s how I roll! Behind the moment, am I right?

So here are a couple things that I totally and completely fell in love with over the past year:

Anything related to robots

Seriously, look how adorable my twitter wallpaper is. Bling! But really anything dealing with robots. Like this song:


By far my favorite blog of the year. Ever read Jezebel? He is the one dude who blogs for Jezebel. My favorite posts are generally reality show episode recaps, particularly for Jersey Shore and America’s Next Top Model. And he’s kinda known for his hilarious animated gifs, truly an art form in his case…voila:

this should be in the moma

Various Design Blogs

I’m not sure when the design blog scene blew up but omg, there are so many good ones out there to inspire and remind you how severely out of date your actual real life apartment is. I love them and have used them to figure out what colors to paint in my new apartment, what type of furniture I might want to look into purchasing once I am not quite so poor, and what type of wedding I will plan when I actual getting around to that whole getting engaged thing. God bless you design blogs and all your dream making. My favs: Design Sponge, Wide Open Spaces and Once Wed

Summer Hours

I loved this movie. I loved this movie in a way that I forgot I could love movies. It was subtle and interesting and beautiful and well made and well written and well acted and just about perfection. It was happy and sad. It was beautiful and tragic. Mostly it was just a really fascinating view into the relationships of one family and really all families. I couldn’t recommend it more.

The Mighty Boosh

Just watch this

Now immediately go rent every season and fall into a Boosh-y daze of wonderfulness.

Last but not least…

Anyone who in anyway has helped/particpated/fostered the Young Librarian Series

Seriously, you know who you are. But just in case let me thank the following people: Erika Earp, Andy Woodworth, Sarah Schmidt, Melissa Fortson, Justin Hoekne, Mike Campagna, Adam Girard, Kit Ward-Crixell, Mandy Knapp, Amy Pelman, Sesheta, Carrie Straka, Tinamarie Vella, Victoria Vanlandingham, Laura Wimberley, Anthony Molaro, Molly Kelly, Steve Thomas and most most importantly the folks over at our parent website Tame the Web: Michael Stephens, Kyle Jones, Mikael Jacobsen, Katharine Johnson and Lee Leblanc for continued support and inspiration. You have all helped in some small or insanely large way to make the YLS happen this year and I am forever thankful for that ❤ What do they say about the wisdom of crowds again? Oh yeah…we should listen. 🙂

Well that’s about it. Have a lovely new year, fair readers. Here’s to 2009.