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Hello fair readers,

Well, change is afoot here in this librarian’s world. Starting Monday I will be making a pretty major career shift from the Pritzker Legal Research Center

I took this on my last opening shift.

to the Morton Grove Public Library.

From city-data.com

And I am so EXCITED! But at the same time, I’m a little sad. This is a very new feeling for me. While working at the Pritzker Legal Research Center, so many opportunities arose. I had my first article published, was interviewed for the Chicago Tribune, and had the pleasure of working some of the most intelligent and hilarious librarians I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. To all of them (and even to the ones who didn’t pull the weight) THANK YOU! I have learned from all of you. And I have become a much better librarian and a much better person for it. The PLRC is special. I will miss you…

PLRC: Looking up the stairs, towards the lake.

My shadow saying Goodbye to the PLRC ❤

Now that my sentimental, “I miss you” is over (at least somewhat) I AM SO EXCITED! I will officially be the new Readers Services Librarian over at MGPL. I will get to run the book clubs, develop the Fiction collection, perform uber awesome readers advisory services and…ahem…HAVE MY OWN BOOK BLOG! Morton Grove has had library blogs since 2007.

Did you read that? Let me just write that again: Morton Grove has had library blogs since 2007!!!!!!!

I am so excited to be moving to a progressive, forward-looking, popular reading library. This is such a brave new world for me and I am going in head first — full of enthusiasm — and ready to be the best possible librarian I can be for the patrons of Morton Grove.

So that’s the big news. Thanks for partaking in my weird schizo happy/sadness of it all, fair readers.

And OH YEAH, check out the latest issue of American Libraries. There’s a little surprise for you.

hint: I wrote it. woot.

Have a great week fair readers ❤


Lessons. Week One.

Hello fair readers!

I have officially finished one week as a librarian!  And how do I feel about this?

Pretty damn tired.

But! I’m also so excited and learning so much.  I thought I would share with you some of the things I’m learning as my first week of as a Reference Librarian.

Lesson #1:

Not all libraries work completely from their website.

I’m just going to be fair and say that some libraries websites are just more useful and stronger than others.  I came from a library where the majority of questions I would start from the website.  However in my current library, I work almost completely from the Metropolitan Library System‘s website.  And specifically from SWAN, the shared library catalog of 80 member libraries.  And SWAN rocks.  It corrects mispellings, has pictures of books, and even enables users to pay their fines online, a useful thing some other urban libraries (ahem CPL! ahem) should really add to their system.

Lesson #2:

People love….let me restate this….LOVE urban fiction, romance, and mysteries.

Seriously.  I had no idea how popular urban fiction was.  It is damn popular.  I have placed probably at least 50 ILL requests and located just as many in our own library.  And you know who is really popular?  Zane.  Omg Zane.  I didn’t even know who Zane was before this week.  I think she rides the lines somewhere between Romance and Urban Fiction.  I”m not sure.  Now I must say that I’m fairly tempted to place a hold on Dear G-Spot just to see what the big deal is.

Lesson #3:

At a small public library you actually can get by with just a few essential databases such as Reference USA, ESBSCO host, and OCLC databases.

OK I’m going to be honest.  I was frightened to go from Northwestern University Libraries’ massive electronic resources to 6-7 databases.  But you know what?  I’m getting by.  And not just getting by, it’s going fine.  I’m actually pulling out all that book knowledge gained from my Reference courses at Dominican University and utilizing it.  And a lot of people are actually more comfortable roaming the reference section than launching into databases.  I had no idea.  I understand this lesson doesn’t always apply.  But it was a big lesson for me this week.

So those are the main lessons so far.  And I will certainly keep you updated.  But you know what rocks?

Being a real librarian.  I love it.  And it feels so good.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.