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Bizarro bizarro!

Hello fair readers!

The past week was one made in bizarro land.

It mainly revolves around me putting lots of stuff on my plate.  NU Law is transitioning into the Fall schedule, which basically has made my past two weekends just non-existent.  This week starts orientation week, so lots of explaining policies and what not to newbies.  Then on top of this, I officially launched the Young Librarian Series!

Check. It. Out. (http://blogs.tametheweb.com/younglibrarian/)

This stuff alone is enough to make me freak out…because as people know me know, I’m a bit type 1.

yep. pretty much.

yep. pretty much.

So when I had a wheel stolen off my car Thursday morning, there was great potential for a freak out.

[head explode]

Seriously. My car was propped up on a cement block.  Wheel + tire = completely freaking gone.

Amazingly I was at the point where this just made me laugh.  There really was nothing else to do.  I called the police, called AAA, and took my car to a really rad shop that I recommend called Speedline on Damen.  Highly highly recommend. And laughed at the ridiculousness of it all.

I think this means I’m getting older?  The fact that I was actually able to still make it into work and not completely lose my shite over this.  Who knows.

Check out The Young Librarian Series!  It’s where I’m spending most of my time these days.  Might as well be for you too, right?