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Request for Assistance

Hello fair readers!

I two requests for you on this fairest of lovey love days!

Stamp Your Own Damned Messages!

The first is that you participate in a little survey I’m conducting.

That is…if you are a library worker.  If you aren’t it will not work and you’ll probably just be bored with it anyways.

So here is the link:


You will need the secret password, which I’m just going to post here: lalalibrarian


Okay, second request is a little more along the lines of the holiday.

If you are looking for something to do with your love tonight, might I suggest a little play that is going on at the Theater Building in Lakeview.  It is called Slaphappy and I went to see it on the opening night.  It has love and slapstick, two of my favorite things, and really it would make a great date tonight…or really any night.  Sometimes we all just need to laugh at something completely ridiculous.  This play covers that.  It’s also extremely clever and well cast.  I highly recommend it.  So check it out!


Okay, that’s it for today.  Have a lovely Valentine’s Day fair readers!  And enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Ch ch ch ch changes

Fair readers, I have a confession!

I am leaving the realm of the public library and accepted a position at Northwestern University, in my former library, Pritzker Legal Research Center!

I’m extremely excited and very much into the idea that I will no long be driving about 1.5 hours to work each day.  And also will be able to get back into the field of law librarianship.


So although I will no longer be a public librarian, I still intend on blogging on my semi-regular basis.  So worry not, fair readers!  I will not be going anywhere.


I’m keeping this one short and sweet. Have a lovely night.