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Snip Snap Indeed.

Hello fair readers!

Time for another one of Leah the Librarian’s latest obsession posts!


So if you are as big of an animation fan as I am, then you very well may have caught a little show on Adult Swim called Frisky Dingo

It’s fantasically clever and ridiculous…as I’m sure you can see by that lovely postcard above.

The plot mainly consists of an evil villain named Killface (see above white dude)  and a super hero named Xander Crews, a completely ridiculous rich guy who calls himself Awesome X and runs around with a gaggle of lackeys called The Xtacles.

It’s all very ridiculous but also plot driven…so jumping into the show midseason…I do not recommend this.

But both seasons will probably set you back about…$30 tops.  I think I bought the first season for $7.  But more importantly, why am I endorsing this?

Because I would like to see more from these guys.  70/30 Productions has sadly gone out of business, at least according to the Wikipedia article and in my opinion they have created two of the best American cartoons to come out, well, ever.

These shows, along with others like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, have created a new American animation genre, with all it’s strange quirks and oddball humor.  These shows deserve not only our support but our respect as well for forging a new kind of animation.  And for proving that Americans do know how to put together a damn fine cartoon.

That’s right.  Boosh!!

So get your tuches out there in the freezing cold and support some creative American animators!  The economy might be bad but don’t we all deserve a little laughter and hilarity?

Have a lovely Sunday fair readers!

(and/or kakow!)