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All you need is (job) love.

Hello fair readers!

I’m going to gush here. I’m going to talk about how very very lucky I feel to be part of a great organization and how librarianship can be so rewarding when you have great people working towards a common goal.

Yes. That’s right. I officially *love* my job.

I’ve been doing a great deal of research recently about customer service to prep for a Poster Session proposal. And one thing that I’m noticing all over is that job satisfaction is a major factor when it comes to providing good service.

And this make sense.

Think about it. Think about the jobs that made you miserable. Mine?

That’s right…my very first job I was a waitress at Steak ‘n Shake.


And here are some of the reasons I hated it and therefore, gave bad service: little to no support from management; no indebted feelings towards the product or the company; no rewards system set up for good work skills. And so much more. But those are the main issues.

Now let us bring this back to libraries…

What kinds of things can managers/directors/library boards be doing to create an atmosphere that fosters excellent customer service?

The exact opposite of what Steak ‘n Shake did for me as a naive 16 year old.

*Provide managerial guidance and support: this does *not* mean micromanaging to the point of insanity. I’ve had that kind of situation and trust me, does not make one want to provide stellar service. I’m talking support and guidance, which is different from strict overseer. This is fostering creative solutions to potential problems; backing up the staff when there is conflict; following through on issues and most of all, providing great communication.

*Create a culture: totally nabbed this from the whole Nordstroms service approach and that is because it is *brilliant*. When someone loves their library and in indebted in its success and culture, they are much more likely to provide better service. It’s just natural. When you want something to succeed, you work hard to help it succeed.

and finally

*Rewards system: and this is where many libraries go astray. Some kind of internal rewards system can seem gimmicky but I believe it helps. It helps with creating that culture…most importantly a positive culture. If you hear from a manager every time you do well, not just when you make mistakes, the feeling is magnificent. I’m a strong believer in positive reenforcement, not just with workers but also with relationships, my dog (heh)…everything. It works. Simply put.

So that’s just a tad bit of what me and another really rad librarian are working towards developing. Just a little taste of what our hopefully accepted poster session will entail.  There are so many factors that can go into this and I’m so insanely pumped to find out whether we have been accepted to present!!!!

But what is this post about again? Oh yeah.

I love my job!

I feel so blessed.

Have a lovely week fair readers!