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Librarian Identity Crisis

Hello fair readers,

As I’m sure you have noticed, my blog has been fairly slow recently.  I can blame a couple of projects but really it boils down to an issue I have been battling. And while not a giant issue, its something I need to put out there and make a decision on.

Every time I have an interesting or good idea, I feel like I should be turning it into an article and trying to get it published.

most boring presentation ever. sorry.

Does anyone else have this issue?  And then, on top of this, I have come to the realization that I am not capable of churning out scholarly works.  Capable probably isn’t the right word.  I am very capable.  But would I be happy?  As I mentioned in a post before (yes the rant about ALA) that just isn’t my style.  Blogging, I suppose, is more of my style.  But is that lazy writing?  And really, am I reaching the same amount of people I could reach with a published work?

I’m having a bit of a librarian identity crisis.  The idea of being tenured literally scares the bejeezes out of me.  Which is sad because I’m sure librarians who have tenure are very blessed and pleased to have this status.  But I guess this goes back to my style of writing and the reason that I like to write.  I write because I enjoy it.  And I do things like the Young Librarian Series because I think there is a need for it.  And it just feels right.  So this makes me wonder about what my path as a librarian will become.  And what direction I am headed in.  And where I am going next.



While I do not know the answers to these questions, I know this.  The lack of postings on La de da is pretty much unacceptable at this point.  So I promise to make an effort and I’ll stop obsessing about whether to publish or blog.

Scouts honor.

Have a lovely week fair readers! And keep your eyes pealed for the next post on the Young Librarian Series!