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Worshipping Google

Hello fair readers!

Many people may know that I pretty much worship and unabashedly adore anything that is created by Google

Which some people probably find horrifying for multiple reasons.

But really, I could care less about the haters.  Google has made searching for information easier and more accessible than ever before.  And that means I [heart] them with all my geeky and fiery passion.

So you can only imagine my extreme delight when my sister informed me that Google is creating a browser.

And that browser is called Chrome.

On top of my initial delight, there is an adorable graphic novel adaptation of the coolness of Chrome

And the final cherry on the awesome Google cake?  It’s open source.

So I’m very *very* excited for the Mac Version to come out.  The only let down here is that the only version available right now is for Windows. 


Well enjoy Chrome, fair readers!  (That is if you are not a hater) And have a lovely week.


Notes to self.

*When people ask for zip codes it’s easier to just go to usps.gov than to Google whatever address they are looking for and using Google Maps….kind of.

Well it just looks more professional use USPS.gov….so do it!

*People do and will file their taxes from last year, the year before that…and even the year before that.  So just remember where the tax forms are kept and try to keep lots of them.

* Throw away more dirty/used-condition Romance novels.

*Order newer, cleaner Romance novels.

See if Ingram has hard covers?

*And stop using Google so damn much!! You went to library school for a reason!

Damn you Google!  You are too useful to me!!

(Week three.  Half way done.  God bless being a full fledged librarian)