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Is that a TLC album?  I think it is.

Come on. You remember TLC.

Did I just get “Waterfalls” stuck in your head?

Ha. Yeah. Me too.

So this was my crazy experience today on the reference desk in week 4 of my new job as a full time Reference Librarian.

At my library, we have several subject specific Fiction sections, which all fall under my jurisdiction as the All Mighty Ruler of the Fiction Collection.

I’m totally like that at work.  But with books.

Anyways like I was saying we have these sections for areas like Mystery and Westerns.  But by far, the most debated are two sections: Science Fiction

and Fantasy

These are two, apparently, very *very* seperate genres.  And patrons absolutely will not hesitate to inform me that books have been blasphemously placed into the wrong catagory.  In fact, today I had a woman take an entire author’s series of books

and then proceed to move them.  By herself! From Fantasy to Science Fiction.

First, seriously?  Did you really take the time to move these and then come declare how crazy the library is for messing up the difference?  And second…

OK.  Unicorn girl?  Is this not Fantasy?  I don’t get it.  I just don’t understand how a book about a girl who is freaking half unicorn is *not* Fantasy!!

People…are insane.

But somehow, endearing. 🙂

God bless library patrons.  And all their totally bizarro ways.

Have a lovely week fair readers.