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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Oh…did you think I was referring to Christmas? No no no my fair readers, no! Halloween is upon us.  And its time for all the scary movie, candy eating, pumpkin carving and costumey glory that it entails!

Now a list! A list of my favorite Halloween-centric movies you can rent and/or borrow from your local public library (or course) because nothing says Happy Halloween more than screaming and giggling while watching some horror-y goodness.

1. Evil Dead II

It’s hard to pick just one Raimi horror flick but if I had to, Evil Dead 2 is the one I would go with.  It’s classic.  It’s hilarious but you still jump every now and again.  It’s disgusting and just wrong.  But you cannot help but enjoy yourself.  This is my favorite kind of horror.  Good old fashioned possession and gore.  None of this ridiculous torture porn which has become so fashionable these days. (lame!)

2. The Descent

The ultimate in girl power horror.  It’s ridiculously scary and definitely one of my favorite scary movies to come out in the past 5 years. Basic plot: group of girls go spelunking into an undiscovered cave and encounter man-eating, underground dwelling monsters. Girls try to escape, while also kicking some monster butt. Sweetness.

3. Ghostbusters

Okay okay…not scary.  But this movie is fabulous and definitely timely for the season. Plus, umm, LIBRARY SCENE! It’s the tops.  And I want to marry Bill Murray.

So have a lovely Halloween my fair readers! Eat candy. Dress up! Have a safe (but scary) blast. And…