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Be still my heart

Hello fair readers!

There are days when Chicago can exhaust me. Make me feel like I’m not entirely sure why I live here.

But Thursday was not one of those days. It was the opposite. It was one of those days when I look around me and think, I am so freaking lucky.

an example of one such day

Sometimes it just takes a walk on the lakefront, like in the picture. But on Thursday, it was a concert at the Metro.

Yeasayer at the Metro

I woke up and decided “Well I know this is sold out but gee, I’d really like to go see Sleigh Bells and Yeasayer tonight” So I headed over to Craigslist, searching for tickets only to find that 1. People selling tickets for face value were going ridiculously fast And 2. Lots of tickets were being sold for waaay over face value (damn scalpers)

So! I decided to post my own ad which read as follows: “This librarian would like to rock her socks off at the Yeasayer concert tonight after working a long day at the library. Please sell me your tickets. (Pretty please?)”

Low and behold, a couple hours later I received an email with the subject heading “Have your tickets” and the body of the email read “I love librarians.” And I got them for face value.

Yes. And here is an example of what I was able to see that night:

(That video is from Coachella but my gawd you get the point…they sound ridiculous live)

I also had the pleasure…the absolute pleasure to see Sleigh Bells:

I mean, come on. How sick is that?? It was amazing. It was stunning. That woman is my hero.

The crowd was awesome. The Metro was also awesome. I looked around, looked at my boyfriend, looked at the bands and realized how incredibly blessed I am to be in such an amazing city. So amazing.

Thank you Chicago. Whenever I feel blue, you find a way to remind me of just how special you really are.

i love chicago

My kind of town.

Have a lovely weekend fair readers.


Looking for your Monster Mash?

Hello fair readers!

If you are looking for Halloween plans tonight, might I suggest headed over to the Viaduct Theater for Freak Gala?

Here are the details, straight from their Facebook Event page:

come and get freaky-deaky with us at the Viaduct!

Other bar specials TBA
Doors @ 10:30
Music @ 11:00
$6 if you gotta costume
$10 if you don’t

Performance Art:
Go-Go Dancing by the Janes!
Mae the Belly Dancer
Dead Celebrity Ouija
Zombie Songs!
and…… the Chicago Tin Man!

Horror Montage by Christopher Mondo
Video Installation by Samantha Westerling
Many, many, films being shown!

Live Musical Entertainment:

Earth Program

Blue Ribbon Glee Club

Musical Stylings by:

So check it out fair readers and have a spooky (but safe) Halloween!!

Rest in Peace Studs.

Hello fair readers,

As I’m sure many of you know a great Chicago intellectual passed away over the weekend.

Studs Terkel.

For many of us in the Midwest, Studs was almost like a close friend, even if you had never met him.  His voice was a comfort.  And it told your story because he told the stories of everyone.  Of the workers and the folk singers.  Of the wives and the husbands.  The sons and the daughters.

He told the story of everyman through Chicago and in turn showed the world that everyone has a story to be told.  Radio shows like This American Life would simply not exist if not for Studs.

My family has a bit of a special connection with Studs.  When my grandparents and my mother were much younger, and in the case of my grandfather, still alive, Studs Terkel came to stay with them.  My grandparents were very involved with the Unitarian Church of South Bend, IN and would actively recruit intellectuals to come and speak to their church.  People like Pete Seeger.  And people like Studs Terkel.  If you ask my Mom about it all she really remembers is how he pronounced my grandfather’s name kind of funny.

“Well Rawlie…”  (his name was Rowlie)

And it’s a small thing to remember but it’s huge.  Because it’s that voice.  The voice of Studs Terkel that for almost a century helped form the sound of the American Dream.

In honor of this great man, please listen to his “This I Believe” piece from NPR.  He speaks of living through the Great Depression.  A “Community in Action”.  And my god, right before this election…in this time of economic woe.  Well this piece could not resonate anymore.

Community in Action.

God bless you Studs Terkel.  Thank you for your gift to us, the people.  We will be forever grateful and in your debt.

Leah the Librarian vs The Mortgage Crisis

Hello fair readers!

Anyone who has been following my Twitter or my Facebook has probably picked up on the fact that I recently moved in an apartment, approximately 3 months ago, that I now have to move out of again.

I’m sure everyone has heard of the mortgage crisis by now, unless you are hiding under a rock without NPR or even Fox News.  And if you are still struggling with the concept of what the hell is going on, I highly recommend listening to the show on This American Life explaining it: The Giant Pool of Money

I didn’t entirely understand what was going on before listening to it.  I just kind of thought a bunch of people who didn’t understand mortgages were able to get their hands on one and then didn’t make payments.

Not really the case.

So, what a lot of people don’t know about the mortgage crisis is there are a vast number of rentals that are going into foreclosure.

I have heard numbers as high as 50% of the foreclosures in the Chicago area are rentals….

Guess who’s new apartment building fell into the throws of the mortgage crisis?

Yep.  Lucky ol’ me.

Great timing too.  What with the just beginning my career phase of my life.  And adjusting to full-time work thing.  And the whole seriously hating commuting thing.  Yeah.  Just throw in a little last minute move.  I don’t mind.  Seriously.


Thankfully I wasn’t immediately thrown onto the streets, which I have heard is the problem in some areas.  But still, I was delivered a 30-day notice to vacate thing or told that my apartment’s rent will be raised by $400 a month starting on March 1st.


And I’m pretty sure I could fight this.  With oodles of money and an attorney.  But is this apartment worth fighting for?

Hell no.

So when it comes to Leah the Librarian vs the mortgage crisis, what is my tactic you might ask?

Find a way cuter apartment that has financially secure ownership, long term tenants, built-in bookshelves, and a fenced in back yard.

Now I just have ridiculous amounts of packing to do.

Have a lovely week fair readers!  And check up on your landlords finances before signing leases!!