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Out of this long political darkness a brighter day will come.

Fair readers,

I’m sick, my body hurts, and my head feels like I’ve been hit by the train Obama rode to the capital in….but it would be a travesty for me to not come here, to our shared space, and tell you how exciting this day is.  How hopeful we feel.  How we all feel, not just Democrats but all of us, that change has come.

Happy Inauguration Day, fair readers

A brighter day has come.


Patriotism (Librarian Style)

Hello fair readers!

As I’m sure many of you know another major election is upon us.

And while many of you know who I prefer….


The most important thing right now is that everyone is registered to vote!

So while I pretty much depise MTV, the best thing they have ever done is to create Rock the Vote.

Go to:


you can register to vote easily and online.  You just have to print this little sheet out and mail it.  How easy is that?  Seriously.

Don’t be lame.

Register to vote.

And then after registering, do the world a favor and vote for a candidate that’s actually worth a damn.

Oh yeah, you know it. 🙂

Have a lovely Sunday fair readers!