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PSA: American Library Association Elections

Hello again fair readers!

I know. I KNOW! Two posts in one day?! Even in the same hour? It must be the RAPTURE!!

Remember how hilarious this flash video is?

N0t really. But I am going to get a little tiny bit preachy and ask that you consider voting in the American Library Association elections this year.

(ummm only if you’re a member though)

Apparently only 14% of those eligible for voting have participated. And yeah, that’s a little sad folks. If you need some ideas of folks to vote for I can recommend the following people for ALA Councilors: Michael Porter (also know as LibraryMan), Napthali Faris and Patrick Sweeney.

Just, you know, think about it. And then do it. I know you’ve been receiving all those emails from ALA…so stop ignoring them and just do some good ‘ol votin’.


Okay that’s the last for today (and probably for a few weeks knowing my schedule) Again, have a lovely day fair readers.