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Sensible Shoes

Hello fair readers,

Oh its that time.  It is.  Do you know what time it is???



Oh yeah it’s annual conference time! Woot!

So for reals, this is the time when apparently hordes of librarians in sensible shoes and a driving thrist for galleys decend upon an innocent city doing nothing but minding its own business.

And then look what the library cat dragged in…

You are just another stat to us...

You are just another stat to us...

So actually this is my first conference.  I’m not entirely sure what to expect although the one thing seriously every librarian has told me is to wear sensible shoes.

Leave your manolos at home kids.

Leave your manolos at home kids.

And to pace myself.  And still, I have managed to find 3 things during every time slot that I would like to do.  Here are some of things I am most interested in:

Open Gaming Night 2009

Friday, July 10th, 7-10pm, Hilton in International South ( i have no idea where that is)

Did you doubt for a second that I would miss a chance to meet with fellow librarians *and* gaming nerds? Pssh.  I will ownz the microphone on Rock Band 2.   Dibs on Maps!!

Librarian/Scholar: from reasearch question to results

Saturday, July 11th, 1:30-3pm, Hyatt Regency McCormick in Conf. Ctr. 10 c/d (again, where?)

Since my first article was somewhat of an opinion piece I would really like to get into some concrete research.  I have an idea.  I have some resources.  I have no idea what I’m doing now.  Seriously this session couldn’t be better timed.

Emerald Pimm’s & Canapés Reception

Saturday, July 11, from 5 – 7pm, at the Blackstone, invite only (psst click on that link!)

A really awesome woman I would like to meet will be here.  Nuff said.


Sunday, July 12th, 8pm-2am, Clark St. Ale House

I’m not presenting.  My poster session wasn’t accepted. (cry) But I can still plan a drink-a-thon with some fellow librarians!  Its networking, with beer!

Listening to the Customer: Using Assessment Results to Make a Difference

Monday, July 13th, 8am-10am, McCormick Place West in W-179

But of course I planned for a night of drinking and then promptly at 8am the next morning there is a session I *really* want to attend. No problem…none.

I can handle it all….

hi ya!

hi ya!

So those are just a few of the things I plan on doing…which doesn’t include other dinners, the exhibits and the friends crashing at my place and the 5 other sessions during each of these that I would like to go to….

sensible shoes, sensible shoes, sensible shoes….

taken from CVerwaals flickr page

taken from CVerwaal's flickr page

I can do this.

Have a lovely week fair readers! And enjoy ALA 2009!