Oh my awesomeness

Hello fair readers!

Have you heard of Oh My Rockness?

No? Because you should…because it is *awesome* I wish I could remember who but someone on Twitter led me to this fabulous site (whoever you are THANK YOU!)


While the website itself is useful, the best part about the whole affair are their weekly show list emails. (which you can sign up for right at the top of the screen) They basically just email out updates on who is coming to town, when and where you can buy tickets.

Now I never have to flip out when I realize Sleigh Bells is coming to town again! Plus their email newsletters are hilarious. At the beginning of each email is a little essay of sorts. And they are generally some of the funniest reading I get to do all week.

To illustrate this point, here is what they sent out last:

8 Show Tips For The Casual Concert Fan Wanting To Pass As A Show Pro This Summer

  1. If any band says, “How you all doing out there?!” from the stage, don’t clap and go “Wooo!” or, GASP, “Woo-hoo!” That’s for amateurs. The show pros respond with, “You tell me! The dishwasher just broke! Charles never shows me affection anymore! And just this morning I walked in on our cocker spaniel French kissing some tramp in-between bites of linguine! Maybe it was angel hair, I don’t know!”
  2. Be sure to wear sunscreen at all those free, sweaty outdoor shows. That way, when it inevitably drips into your eyes and begins to burn, all the hot stuffs standing near you will think you’re oh so super sensitive because you cry at rock shows. “There’s just *sniff sniff* something about a G chord….”
  3. Show pros are highly fashionable people. So if you don’t attend all shows this summer in your underwear and fuzzy ear muffs, prepare to be quietly judged.
  4. Drink lots and lots of water before going to outdoor shows; you’ll want to use those refined port-o-potties over and over and over again. All come equipped with coconut hand soap, lavender scented towels, and toilet seats heated to a comfortable 70 degrees. And they even fill the basin with chocolate milk! Gosh, we could squat in there forever.
  5. Don’t bring lots of money to shows! Bring barely any money! The food and drinks at shows (especially the drinks!) are so super, super cheap! They’re practically giving the stuff away!
  6. Don’t forget your earplugs. And then don’t forget your Cracker Jacks. Have you ever eaten Cracker Jacks with earplugs in? Oh man, the bass in each CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH will destroy you! Now THAT’S rock ‘n roll, bro.
  7. If you see a beach ball flying in your direction, don’t casually bop it towards the fan on your left. Act like a show pro and attempt a beach ball bicycle kick. And if successful, shout, “GGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!”
  8. In between sets while the bands set up their gear, talk to your show pro neighbors about how funny that duck is in those AFLAC commercials. Show pros love those commercials and can talk about how funny they are forever. “So there’s this talking duck, right? And it wants you to buy this insurance, right?”

LOVE! It’s hilarious because it’s true! (my favorite part is about wearing your underwear and ear muffs to shows….because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen someone actually do that)

So if you live in New York, Chicago or LA, get thee on the Oh My Rockness emailing list! You won’t regret it.

Have a lovely weekend fair readers.


Open Books Fundraiser

Hello fair readers,

Just a little PSA about the Chicago Deskset fundraiser tomorrow night! Here’s the details:

The next Chicago Deskset event is scheduled for:

Sunday, May 23 at 6:30pm
Clark Street Ale House
742 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654

This event will benefit a local organization called Open Books. Please bring $5 (or more!) to donate to the charity. You can make personal checks out to Open Books or just bring cash.

So be there! Or be false as hell.

Have a lovely weekend!

Good luck with your Fourierism!

Can someone tell me why Whit Stillman stopped making films?

Seriously fair readers, why?

He was so fabulous.

Be still my heart

Hello fair readers!

There are days when Chicago can exhaust me. Make me feel like I’m not entirely sure why I live here.

But Thursday was not one of those days. It was the opposite. It was one of those days when I look around me and think, I am so freaking lucky.

an example of one such day

Sometimes it just takes a walk on the lakefront, like in the picture. But on Thursday, it was a concert at the Metro.

Yeasayer at the Metro

I woke up and decided “Well I know this is sold out but gee, I’d really like to go see Sleigh Bells and Yeasayer tonight” So I headed over to Craigslist, searching for tickets only to find that 1. People selling tickets for face value were going ridiculously fast And 2. Lots of tickets were being sold for waaay over face value (damn scalpers)

So! I decided to post my own ad which read as follows: “This librarian would like to rock her socks off at the Yeasayer concert tonight after working a long day at the library. Please sell me your tickets. (Pretty please?)”

Low and behold, a couple hours later I received an email with the subject heading “Have your tickets” and the body of the email read “I love librarians.” And I got them for face value.

Yes. And here is an example of what I was able to see that night:

(That video is from Coachella but my gawd you get the point…they sound ridiculous live)

I also had the pleasure…the absolute pleasure to see Sleigh Bells:

I mean, come on. How sick is that?? It was amazing. It was stunning. That woman is my hero.

The crowd was awesome. The Metro was also awesome. I looked around, looked at my boyfriend, looked at the bands and realized how incredibly blessed I am to be in such an amazing city. So amazing.

Thank you Chicago. Whenever I feel blue, you find a way to remind me of just how special you really are.

i love chicago

My kind of town.

Have a lovely weekend fair readers.

PSA: American Library Association Elections

Hello again fair readers!

I know. I KNOW! Two posts in one day?! Even in the same hour? It must be the RAPTURE!!

Remember how hilarious this flash video is?

N0t really. But I am going to get a little tiny bit preachy and ask that you consider voting in the American Library Association elections this year.

(ummm only if you’re a member though)

Apparently only 14% of those eligible for voting have participated. And yeah, that’s a little sad folks. If you need some ideas of folks to vote for I can recommend the following people for ALA Councilors: Michael Porter (also know as LibraryMan), Napthali Faris and Patrick Sweeney.

Just, you know, think about it. And then do it. I know you’ve been receiving all those emails from ALA…so stop ignoring them and just do some good ‘ol votin’.


Okay that’s the last for today (and probably for a few weeks knowing my schedule) Again, have a lovely day fair readers.

Made My Day

Hello fair readers,

After reading this post on librarian.net I spent a fair amount of time reading through this AskReddit thread. It’s hilarious.

My favorite part:


It pretty much made my day. Highly recommended reading if you have some time to kill. Here’s the linky:


Have a lovely week. ❤

The importance of library advocates

Hello fair readers!

An article on Forbes.com has me thinking quite a bit about the importance of creating a sense of pride and advocacy with our patrons. The article is called “Young Learners Need Librarians, Not Just Google” and here is the important part.

It is not written by a librarian and it is not being published in a library or education related journal.

I’m not denying the validity of writing to ourselves. Research and data that proves the need for keeping libraries and librarians around can provide mad firepower when it comes to funding. I think we could also argue that sometimes we have to convince even ourselves that we have a purpose. (or sometimes we just need to keep or reach tenure, ahem) But in the grand scheme of things, can librarians truly be our own advocates? And are we really reaching the people we need to reach when these studies are published in our own journals?

No. No we are not. I believe they call that “preaching to the converted”. Most of us know already that we are needed and I’m not talking about just being concerned about our job security.

I’m talking about the giant jump in circulation statistics and the simple numbers of how many people are entering our libraries and using our services. These  are the day to day reminders of how very important we are and how very important it is to fight for our survival.

But when I go to a major news website and see a screenie like this…

Check out the Top Rated section.

Then that means to me that someone got to him. Someone got to Mark Moran and instilled a sense of not just pride but responsibility for libraries in him. Some library or librarian made this CEO feel strong enough that he sat down and wrote in our defense.

The ALA has a great guide on how to create an advocacy network here. But don’t forget that every good exchange you have with a patron…every time you give someone great service and help them find what they need…you are creating a sense of advocacy in someone.  And that, fair readers, does so much to promote, to advocate, to save our libraries.

I’ll see you on the flipside, fair readers. And don’t forget to share…

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