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Advice Soup for the Soul

Hello fair readers!

This post is more of a request for advice from fellow bloggers.

Every now and again, I go back and peruse previous blog postings.  And I cannot help but notice little things, or sometimes big things, along the lines of broken images, links to websites that unfortunatly no long exist, and so on.

And here is the life-altering dilemma…..

Do I go back and fix these?  Or leave them broken?

I know.  Huge deal, right?  Totally.

So like I said, bloggers, what do you do?  Do you fix these things when you find them?  Or just assume that people realize links and pictures sometimes just dissapear?

Well have a lovely week fair readers.  Moving day is on Sunday.  Wish me luck. 🙂



Is that a TLC album?  I think it is.

Come on. You remember TLC.

Did I just get “Waterfalls” stuck in your head?

Ha. Yeah. Me too.

So this was my crazy experience today on the reference desk in week 4 of my new job as a full time Reference Librarian.

At my library, we have several subject specific Fiction sections, which all fall under my jurisdiction as the All Mighty Ruler of the Fiction Collection.

I’m totally like that at work.  But with books.

Anyways like I was saying we have these sections for areas like Mystery and Westerns.  But by far, the most debated are two sections: Science Fiction

and Fantasy

These are two, apparently, very *very* seperate genres.  And patrons absolutely will not hesitate to inform me that books have been blasphemously placed into the wrong catagory.  In fact, today I had a woman take an entire author’s series of books

and then proceed to move them.  By herself! From Fantasy to Science Fiction.

First, seriously?  Did you really take the time to move these and then come declare how crazy the library is for messing up the difference?  And second…

OK.  Unicorn girl?  Is this not Fantasy?  I don’t get it.  I just don’t understand how a book about a girl who is freaking half unicorn is *not* Fantasy!!

People…are insane.

But somehow, endearing. 🙂

God bless library patrons.  And all their totally bizarro ways.

Have a lovely week fair readers.

A good compilation tape is a very subtle art.

The mixed tape. I used to spend hours upon hours making mixed tapes.

See that? That is me, aged somewhere between 16-18, making one of probably hundreds of mixed tapes on my parent’s stereo.

Mixing songs into a specific order for someone is a special thing. It takes time and patience. Dedication for not just whoever the mix is for but also to the music. And everyone has a different tactic for it. I know many people who strongly believe that mixes for others should contain music that they might not know about yet.

Me…I choose to make things from the heart. Some songs, or even all, will probably be known to the listener. But just to know that I think of that song and them….that is the message. It’s like a letter or a card. But in music.

So when I came across The Shifted Librarian’s blog about Muxtape, I was just really pleased. While not as personal, time consuming or really as heartfelt as a mixed tape/CD, this new website rocks socks.

Seriously…you should play around with it. You just upload songs, organize them, and then play them. So, fair readers, here is my Spring Mix to you.


Like Cat Stephens, I can’t keep it in.

Hello fair readers!

I hope your Vernal Equinox and your potential Easter celebrations went smooth and hopefully with much less snow than mine did.

(photo taken by Yenna, posted on Flickr with the tag “Winter sucks”…I agree)

But all this winter snow in Spring has given me some time to stew and grow more and more annoyed with this article:

Our Public Libraries Are Being Turned Into Video Arcades

and the fuddy duddy librarians who are rallying around it, as if this was a good point.

I would like to take one particular response to the article and break it down into it’s ridiculous components. Why you ask? Because it’s sad. And angering. And wrong.

Posted by anonymous in response to the LISNews blog about the article:

this is just part of the problem with public libraries since they forgot what they were in the early nineties, and decided to become this hybrid and noble/arcade/rec center ordeal that we have now. I am a young adult librarian and soon we will be losing ref desks for kiosks so that we are encouraged to wander around and bother the patrons ala target employees. this is sad. the video game aspect, while i don’t agree with it, isn’t the libraries fault. we have books here. we just have adult and children too stupid to read them now.
Wow. Just wow. That’s right people. Librarians like that actually still exist. Sad, yes?Let’s debunk that statement.

“this is just part of the problem with public libraries since they forgot what they were in the early nineties”

What is a library? According to the free online dictionary:



n. pl. li·brar·ies


a. A place in which literary and artistic materials, such as books, periodicals, newspapers, pamphlets, prints, records, and tapes, are kept for reading, reference, or lending.
b. A collection of such materials, especially when systematically arranged.
c. A room in a private home for such a collection.
d. An institution or foundation maintaining such a collection.
2. A commercial establishment that lends books for a fee.
3. A series or set of books issued by a publisher.
4. A collection of recorded data or tapes arranged for ease of use.
5. A set of things similar to a library in appearance, function, or organization: a library of computer programs.
6. Genetics A collection of cloned DNA sequences whose location and identity can be established by mapping the genome of a particular organism.
So there’s a definition. But truly, a library is what a community makes of it. A library can be as big, or as small, as the school, city, business or organization it serves provides it to be.
So libraries can be this:
But libraries can also be this:
(this picture was taken by The Shifted Librarian at DOK Delft, one of the hippest libraries in the world)
Needless to say a library, a building, an inanimate object, does not forget what it is. A community, a school….people change it when they see a need for change.
Back to the hater:
“and decided to become this hybrid and noble/arcade/rec center ordeal that we have now”
This comment implies that a library cannot change to keep up to date with the times. That a book-store style of library, or a library catalog that has pictures and words that everyone understands in it….are bad things. Let me direct you back to a blog I posted about librarian stereotypes. If change does not occur, if keeping up to date with modern trends…not just in libraries but in the whole world
If these things do not occur, then it is logical that the entity will cease to exist. I recommend this poster reads a little something called The Origin of the Species by means of natural selection by Charles Darwin. Check out the bit on survivial of the fittest. Apply.
Let’s continue:
“I am a young adult librarian”
Really? Well that’s quite a surprise. Because most teen librarians that I know…totally rock.
“and soon we will be losing ref desks for kiosks so that we are encouraged to wander around and bother the patrons ala target employees”
First, Target employees certainly do not walk around bothering people…or even asking if you need help. They are few and far between. And would it really be so bad to get rid of those awful reference desks that scare the bejeezes out of most patrons? Wandering around and asking people for help…well that’s just helpful. Not bothersome.
“this is sad. the video game aspect, while i don’t agree with it, isn’t the libraries fault. we have books here. we just have adult and children too stupid to read them now
As soon as I read that sentence…well it took every bone in my librarian body to not pick up a volume of the OED and chuck it across the reference section.
And no, the typo in the sentence does not make it any better.
Talk about a total loss of hope.
Not just in libraries…or even librarians…but humanity as a whole.
It’s sad.
So I suggest to reading this to cleanse your palate of that awful taste of bitter librarian:
It’s much more useful than calling someone stupid….which as librarians we should all know….is just no excuse for poor service.
Have a lovely week, fair readers! And do yourself a favor, play some video games. 🙂

Sincere Apologies.

Dear fair readers,

My sincerest apologies for my severe lack of posting in the past week or two. I know that excuses are no excuse, but what can I say? My to do list is catching up with me.

This week alone I have one presentation on Hoover’s, another for Humanities class on Scientology, a paper on privacy for my Info Policy class, one phone interview for a job, and one second interview for a different job.

Oy vey!

So, you might wonder, what am I doing to keep completely sane?

Oh Nintendo DS Lite! Your accessibly simple, yet educational gaming saves my sanity every time!The Nintendo DS has oodles of educational games that you can pick up, play for 30 minutes or so, and then go back to whatever things you really should be doing atm. My current favorite is My French Coach.

Through a series of games and quizzes and an excellent “coach”, I can refresh my memory of all those lovely high school french classes with Mdm. Roselle.

So next time someone tells you that video games rot your brain, tell them to bugger off in french. (Va t’en! Tu es tres stupide!) Or your could tell them to read up on their Jenny Levine. She’ll tell them what’s up. 🙂

So again, my apologies fair readers. If you need something to do, I recommend gaming. It’s good for your brain.

Happy Monday!

Free legal resources? Really?

Hello fair readers!

Yes, it is Friday night. I know. But I have to work all day tomorrow. So what am I doing with my time?

That’s right. Go ahead. Laugh.

But seriously, I have discovered, with a wee bit of help from friends and blogs, two uber cool and free legal research tools.

That’s right. FREE. A word that doesn’t commonly come joined with the words “legal” and “research” very often.

That’s because of these two culprits

for the most part. And not that those publishers are by any means evil…at least…I don’t think so. They just charge oodles of cash for access to legal information.

So, as you can see, I was pretty psyched when I found out about these free websites that are actually quite progressive and efficient.

The first, and probably my favourite of the two, is PreCYdent Search Engine.

So. Freaking. Cool.

You can search for opinions and statutes, and then you can rate them, tag them, create PreCYdent widgets, put a PreCYdent facebook application on your facebook page….and lots of super cool 2.0-ish tools that are usually just not connected with legal resources.

The second, also free and cool, resource is The Public Library of Law.

This has LOADS of great, easy to locate info. Case law, statues, regulations, court rules, and omg even legal forms. I’m about to pass out….seriously.

I highly recommend librarians, particularly in public libraries, check out these amazing resources. The will be great tools for members of the public to start off their legal research. They are easily searched and don’t have hidden fees…at least not that I have encountered. It’s refreshing to see the legal research world opening up to 2.0 concepts.

I have said this before, but I will always say it again…three cheers for progress!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Now I’m hungry

Hello fair readers!

While listening to NPR this morning, a show came on that I find rather amusing. It’s called Sound Opinions. This is basically a show where two music geeks talk about…well…music.


And today they had Anthony Bourdain on the show

to talk about the connections between food and music. It was a great show, which I highly recommend you check out, but they listed off some of their favorite songs about food. I found this inspiring.

They listed off some of the following:

I want Candy – Bow Wow Wow

Tupelo Honey – Van Morrison

and Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young

While listening to this I became inspired and thought I would share with you….aren’t you lucky….some of my own very favorite songs about food.

My first thought immediatly went to Yo La Tengo…because they are gods…but also because when I saw them live

which was awesome beyond belief, they told the hot chicken story, which basically revolves are a little place in Nashville called Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack, where they apparently have the hottest chicken Yo La Tengo hates to love. They claimed that you have to eat the chicken because it’s so delicious but it’s so damn hot, that you get sick for days. So yes, my first song about food that I love is:

Return to Hot Chicken – Yo La Tengo

Then my mind went straight to Cibo Matto

because they have tons of fantastic songs about food…which also makes it hard to choose just one. 😦 Life is so unfair. So I went with

Sugar Water – Cibo Matto

for several reasons. One: used in a Buffy episode. And two: the video rocks socks.

Directed by Michel Gondry

And finally I thought about Feist

mainly because one of my, hands down, favorite songs from 2007 is the gorgeous

Brandy Alexander – Feist

So those are mine. There are so many and these are just a few of my favorites. But I’m interested to see what others think.

Do you have a favorite song about food?

Have a lovely weekend fair readers.