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826 Chicago

Hello fair readers!

Just want to clue you in on a little event going on this Saturday. Here are the details:

Come hang out at the next Chicago Deskset event to raise funds for 826 Chicago!

Date: July 10, 2010 3-5pm.

Location: Goose Island Brewpub, 800 North Clybourn Avenue, Chicago, IL

We are supporting 826 Chicago. 826CHI is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.

Please bring $5 (or more!) to donate to the charity. You can make personal checks out to “826CHI” or bring cash! We have a private room (Siebel Hall) with our own cash bar and food can be ordered from the menu!

Also if you have emailed us about volunteering for a committee we will try to get the groups together at some point during the event. And as always, we will have some sort of raffle in exchange for your donations to 826 Chicago.

So come have fun, drink local beer and raise funds for a great local charity! We hope to see you there!

To RSVP please use the Facebook page

I hope to see you there! Have a great week fair readers!


The Adventures of Flat Leah

Afternoon fair readers,

Have I ever told you about how hilarious and awesome Erika the Snarky Librarian is?

Erika impersonating a RUSA Board Director at ALA last year.

Because this girl rules. And she also happened to be one of my partner’s in crime at the American Library Association conference last year. (see above picture where we think fraudulent badge flags are *hilarious* and definitely worth wearing around) So when I found out that financially I wouldn’t be able to swing the conference this year, Erika went into full out creative mode and created Flat Leah.

Flat Leah!!

And then proceeded to take Flat Leah to the American Library Association conference in D.C. She took Flat Leah sightseeing…

Flat Leah on top of the Washington Monument

Hey look, it's that vampire hunter guy!

Flat Leah got to watch the world cup with all the other librarians

Drinking beers and watching soccer!

And even stand in the notoriously long lines at the conference center’s Starbucks

Coffee! nomnomnom

There’s more and of course, I created a Picasa album for your viewing pleasure:

If you are so inclined, feel free to check them out.

So while I may not have been able to actually attend the conference this year, it is so much fun to have friends who are willing to go to such awesome lengths to make you feel included. I love my librarians. And thanks Erika, you make me laugh my ass off.

Have a lovely week fair readers and for those who were able to make it, I hope your ALA went swimmingly.

Made My Day

Hello fair readers,

After reading this post on I spent a fair amount of time reading through this AskReddit thread. It’s hilarious.

My favorite part:


It pretty much made my day. Highly recommended reading if you have some time to kill. Here’s the linky:

Have a lovely week. ❤

Please excuse the slight delay…

Hello fair readers!

As twitter followers and facebook friends know, after the conference I stated the following:

The best things I came from ALA 2009 with: a reality check and inspiration. Two very different things. More to come on La de da

And I still intend on making this post about my overall experience at ALA.  It was completely different from what I expected in both good and not so good ways.  So yes, I will be posting on this.


The week has been crazy with catching up to do…on top of this, as fellow music nerds know, Pitchfork Music Festival is this weekend.



A music fest very near and dear to my heart.  So the promised post will have to wait until Monday, after all the craziness.

So yes, this is my excuse.  But also a promise of lots to come. Got me some big ideas a brewin’ for this here blog.

taken from B Tals flickr

taken from B Tal's flickr

And I cannot wait to share them with you.

So have a lovely weekend! And I’ll see you at Pitchfork!!

Snip Snap Indeed.

Hello fair readers!

Time for another one of Leah the Librarian’s latest obsession posts!


So if you are as big of an animation fan as I am, then you very well may have caught a little show on Adult Swim called Frisky Dingo

It’s fantasically clever and ridiculous…as I’m sure you can see by that lovely postcard above.

The plot mainly consists of an evil villain named Killface (see above white dude)  and a super hero named Xander Crews, a completely ridiculous rich guy who calls himself Awesome X and runs around with a gaggle of lackeys called The Xtacles.

It’s all very ridiculous but also plot driven…so jumping into the show midseason…I do not recommend this.

But both seasons will probably set you back about…$30 tops.  I think I bought the first season for $7.  But more importantly, why am I endorsing this?

Because I would like to see more from these guys.  70/30 Productions has sadly gone out of business, at least according to the Wikipedia article and in my opinion they have created two of the best American cartoons to come out, well, ever.

These shows, along with others like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, have created a new American animation genre, with all it’s strange quirks and oddball humor.  These shows deserve not only our support but our respect as well for forging a new kind of animation.  And for proving that Americans do know how to put together a damn fine cartoon.

That’s right.  Boosh!!

So get your tuches out there in the freezing cold and support some creative American animators!  The economy might be bad but don’t we all deserve a little laughter and hilarity?

Have a lovely Sunday fair readers!

(and/or kakow!)

A Sordid Love Affair.

Hello fair readers,

It’s confession time again…

I am completely, head over heels in love with my new Xbox 360.

And I can think of at least three very good reasons for this…

1. Amazing games that are within my gaming interest.

I also have a Wii.  And Wii is fun.  Yet, I am a gamer girl at heart.  I like to sit down and relax and play me some geeeeeky games.

And the Wii just doesn’t do this.  You really aren’t just chilling, sitting there, and vegging out.  I suppose everyone has their vices…television, porn, candy….mine is a good japanaese video game with battle screens.


2. My controller is pink!

That’s right…you should be jealous.

3. Video capabilities.

Again, I’m going to compare this to the Wii because it’s the only other 3rd gen console I have right now.  So the Wii, for some damn reason, does not play DVDs!  But the Xbox 360 not only plays DVDs, you can watch Netflix instantly on it!

That is like taking two of my very favorite things and smashing them together so that I will never leave my home again.

Not even for food.

So yeah, I should probably stop geeking out at you about how much I love my new Xbox 360. (thank you thank you thank you)

Have a lovely, snowy weekend fair readers! And happy gaming!

Worshipping Google

Hello fair readers!

Many people may know that I pretty much worship and unabashedly adore anything that is created by Google

Which some people probably find horrifying for multiple reasons.

But really, I could care less about the haters.  Google has made searching for information easier and more accessible than ever before.  And that means I [heart] them with all my geeky and fiery passion.

So you can only imagine my extreme delight when my sister informed me that Google is creating a browser.

And that browser is called Chrome.

On top of my initial delight, there is an adorable graphic novel adaptation of the coolness of Chrome

And the final cherry on the awesome Google cake?  It’s open source.

So I’m very *very* excited for the Mac Version to come out.  The only let down here is that the only version available right now is for Windows. 


Well enjoy Chrome, fair readers!  (That is if you are not a hater) And have a lovely week.

Advice Soup for the Soul

Hello fair readers!

This post is more of a request for advice from fellow bloggers.

Every now and again, I go back and peruse previous blog postings.  And I cannot help but notice little things, or sometimes big things, along the lines of broken images, links to websites that unfortunatly no long exist, and so on.

And here is the life-altering dilemma…..

Do I go back and fix these?  Or leave them broken?

I know.  Huge deal, right?  Totally.

So like I said, bloggers, what do you do?  Do you fix these things when you find them?  Or just assume that people realize links and pictures sometimes just dissapear?

Well have a lovely week fair readers.  Moving day is on Sunday.  Wish me luck. 🙂


Is that a TLC album?  I think it is.

Come on. You remember TLC.

Did I just get “Waterfalls” stuck in your head?

Ha. Yeah. Me too.

So this was my crazy experience today on the reference desk in week 4 of my new job as a full time Reference Librarian.

At my library, we have several subject specific Fiction sections, which all fall under my jurisdiction as the All Mighty Ruler of the Fiction Collection.

I’m totally like that at work.  But with books.

Anyways like I was saying we have these sections for areas like Mystery and Westerns.  But by far, the most debated are two sections: Science Fiction

and Fantasy

These are two, apparently, very *very* seperate genres.  And patrons absolutely will not hesitate to inform me that books have been blasphemously placed into the wrong catagory.  In fact, today I had a woman take an entire author’s series of books

and then proceed to move them.  By herself! From Fantasy to Science Fiction.

First, seriously?  Did you really take the time to move these and then come declare how crazy the library is for messing up the difference?  And second…

OK.  Unicorn girl?  Is this not Fantasy?  I don’t get it.  I just don’t understand how a book about a girl who is freaking half unicorn is *not* Fantasy!!

People…are insane.

But somehow, endearing. 🙂

God bless library patrons.  And all their totally bizarro ways.

Have a lovely week fair readers.

A good compilation tape is a very subtle art.

The mixed tape. I used to spend hours upon hours making mixed tapes.

See that? That is me, aged somewhere between 16-18, making one of probably hundreds of mixed tapes on my parent’s stereo.

Mixing songs into a specific order for someone is a special thing. It takes time and patience. Dedication for not just whoever the mix is for but also to the music. And everyone has a different tactic for it. I know many people who strongly believe that mixes for others should contain music that they might not know about yet.

Me…I choose to make things from the heart. Some songs, or even all, will probably be known to the listener. But just to know that I think of that song and them….that is the message. It’s like a letter or a card. But in music.

So when I came across The Shifted Librarian’s blog about Muxtape, I was just really pleased. While not as personal, time consuming or really as heartfelt as a mixed tape/CD, this new website rocks socks.

Seriously…you should play around with it. You just upload songs, organize them, and then play them. So, fair readers, here is my Spring Mix to you.