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Have you voted yet?

Let me give you another reason to vote for my library:

This video was created by one of my very talented co-workers. Watch it. Like it. Share it. And please, vote.

How social is too social?

Hello fair readers!

For the most part, I freaking love social networking.


I have all sorts of accounts but mostly I like haunting Facebook, Twitter and LastFM. With these I generally can get my professional and social fixes and feel pretty well connected and pleased.

But for some reason the arrival of Google Buzz has just tipped me over the edge. Partly because of the privacy issue and partly because we all had such little say about when and how these profiles were created for us. I feel like the beauty of social networking is because we have so much control over who can see us, how they see us and what we share. We are in charge of creating these accounts. They are not made for us. With Google Buzz comes a new era of corporately dictated sharing.
Vodpod videos no longer available.
Then again, maybe I’m over reacting.

But still, I would like some spaces online that at least have the appearance of being “private”. There are just certain things that I don’t want to share and I don’t want displayed. There are certain things that are just for me.

So while I may sound like a curmudgeon, no thank you Google. I do not want to use Google Buzz. If I want to aggregate all of my online social dealings, I’ll go with something like Digsby that doesn’t force me to share it all with the world. If you feel the same way, here are two great posts on removing yourself as much as humanly possible from Google Buzz (since you can’t completely remove yourself…which is lame)

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day fair readers.


Shameless Marketing

Fair readers,

Have you checked out The Young Librarian Series yet?  Here is a little taste:

Head on over, tell your friends and tell the people who aren’t actually your friends but who you just talk to at work.  Tell the world!  You know what they say about word of mouth right?

Yeah. Me neither.

Have a lovely week!

Introducing the Young Librarian Series.

My fellow young librarians and library workers:

I am now accepting submissions for an idea that I have been bouncing around for some time now. The Young Librarian Series is is a multimedia project. The basis is going to be a series of video interviews and guest posts on a blog graciously being hosted at tametheweb blogs. (ty Michael!!) Our themes will be generations in the library and being a Gen Y and young Gen X librarian; our experiences, our triumphs, struggles, cool projects that you might want to highlight and so on.

Items the you might want to consider submitting: generational based posts, library inspired art projects, new media projects, such as videos, podcasts, or a created resource. Really the sky is the limit here and I’m very excited to see what people have to contribute.

The goal of The Young Librarian Series is to provide a sense of community for young librarians. A place for us to collaborate, to center ourselves in the field. To brainstorm. To think. To discuss and empower.

My guidelines are basic: you must be a part of Generation Y or young-ish Gen X, so 40 and under. If you just want to bounce ideas off me and send a proposal, that is more than welcome. I don’t care what font you use. I don’t care if there are one inch margins. I want to hear about your ideas, your experiences. And your fellow young librarians want to hear from you as well.

Please note: If I have spoken to you about doing an interview or contributing, its time to start formulating some ideas. Send me an email with any and all questions.

The email: younglibrarianseries[at]gmail[dot]com

I so look forward to hearing from you and please, lets spread the word.

leah the librarian!

Open forum on technology in libraries.

Hello fair readers!

Over there in the wide world of Facebook, a pretty grand discussion about the influence of technology in libraries has been going.  It was suggested that we move it over to a more user-friendly format that doesn’t restritct you in terms of how long you can rant!

Yes, I mean you Facebook.

Whats with the comment cutoffs guys?

What's with the comment cutoffs guys?

So here is a little background info and then you are more than welcome to go at it in the comments.

I placed a link to this article:

Not-So-Splendid Isolation

An opinion piece written for Library Journal in 2007 about the melding of library services with technology.  It sparked a wonderful conversation/debate on the role of libraries.  I referred to it as “A disturbing article by the guy who wrote a particularly nasty letter to the ed. about my article. He is obviously not a fan of technology…or even delivery of materials at home for seniors…which is a bizarre thing to be against. I think he needs to head back to library school and refresh himself on the ALA Code of Ethics.”

But there are really good arguments on both sides.  Most put a little more eloquently than mine. 😉 One commenter has noted:

i think technophiles and free-market drones are causing restructuring where educators and librarians would do better. and i think too in a wider sense, the issue is ‘should markets be the core of society, market aesthetics or logic?'”

And then it spread into videogames and literacy and beyond.  One commenter noting:

“Regarding the Wii issue, I just don’t think it’s the job of a librarian to decide that kids shouldn’t be allowed to play video games. I’m not a politician, or a clergyman, or any other role involved in imposing rules on society.”

So do you have anything you would like to add to this debate?  Do you think that technology in the library is about more than just the spread of information?  I welcome this debate onto La de da and as I’m sure we all know, keep it friendly folks.

Taken from Olivanders flickr

Taken from Olivander's flickr

Shooting Ourselves in the Foot

Hello fair readers!

I would like to direct your gazes to the following blog posting over at Tame the Web

News from Mishawaka Library on Facebook Ban

Now I have some strong feelings about the whole fuddy duddy culture of hate that has for some reason chosen Facebook as its target.  I don’t understand why people cannot see the validity of a site to collaborate, meet people, socialize, network, exchanges thoughts and ideas, debate, agree, and organize.  These qualities all sound to me like something libraries can relate to, foster, and quite frankly, see in themselves.  What is the public library, for example, if not a real world facebook?

Real World Facebook

Real World Facebook

I have never understood the need to remove and censor things that are perceived as a threat.  But I have a sense that’s what is going on here.  Perhaps by removing Facebook this library is thinking they are removing one piece of the culture that is making them feel inadequate or somehow threatened by the future?

from The Rut

from the rut

Then again, maybe they just don’t like teens taking up all their space having fun and I’m reading too far into this.

But I know this much is true, everytime a library bans something progressive, something useful, something forward thinking; something like facebook, they lose another customer.  They lose another teen or 20-something from walking in that door and using their resources.   And that, my fair readers, is a damn shame.

Have a lovely week everyone.  See ya on Facebook 😉

Request for Assistance

Hello fair readers!

I two requests for you on this fairest of lovey love days!

Stamp Your Own Damned Messages!

The first is that you participate in a little survey I’m conducting.

That is…if you are a library worker.  If you aren’t it will not work and you’ll probably just be bored with it anyways.

So here is the link:

You will need the secret password, which I’m just going to post here: lalalibrarian


Okay, second request is a little more along the lines of the holiday.

If you are looking for something to do with your love tonight, might I suggest a little play that is going on at the Theater Building in Lakeview.  It is called Slaphappy and I went to see it on the opening night.  It has love and slapstick, two of my favorite things, and really it would make a great date tonight…or really any night.  Sometimes we all just need to laugh at something completely ridiculous.  This play covers that.  It’s also extremely clever and well cast.  I highly recommend it.  So check it out!


Okay, that’s it for today.  Have a lovely Valentine’s Day fair readers!  And enjoy the rest of your weekend.

A good compilation tape is a very subtle art.

The mixed tape. I used to spend hours upon hours making mixed tapes.

See that? That is me, aged somewhere between 16-18, making one of probably hundreds of mixed tapes on my parent’s stereo.

Mixing songs into a specific order for someone is a special thing. It takes time and patience. Dedication for not just whoever the mix is for but also to the music. And everyone has a different tactic for it. I know many people who strongly believe that mixes for others should contain music that they might not know about yet.

Me…I choose to make things from the heart. Some songs, or even all, will probably be known to the listener. But just to know that I think of that song and them….that is the message. It’s like a letter or a card. But in music.

So when I came across The Shifted Librarian’s blog about Muxtape, I was just really pleased. While not as personal, time consuming or really as heartfelt as a mixed tape/CD, this new website rocks socks.

Seriously…you should play around with it. You just upload songs, organize them, and then play them. So, fair readers, here is my Spring Mix to you.


Missing Myspace

Hello fair readers!

I have the day off today, which is a pleasant little surprise. So this morning I have just been playing about on the internet. Catching up on missed blog postings and all of Pitchfork’s news on SXSW…which I’m not at. And that makes me sad.

But this has basically led me back to multiple band’s Myspace pages, which in turn is bringing about a sense of….nostalgia maybe?

I eliminated my Myspace page just about a year ago. For a few reasons really. I had stumbled across the fact that News Corp. had bought it out…and that’s a little creepy.

Also I was just plain sick of the spam.

Various versions of that girl requesting friendship over and over again. Ugh.

But there were good things about Myspace.The quirky, clunky html codings of your friends, in all it’s glory and occasional ridiculousness.

I guess there is something a little endearing about being able to create your own code….or in most cases use Thomas to create your own code.

As much as I love Facebook, I have to admit missing that touch of personalization.

But what I miss the most, hands down, is the music.

There are bands that I discovered through Myspace that I now love and probably never would have found…ever…if it weren’t for the website. Just to name a few:


Ulrich Schnauss

Goddamn Electric Bill

VHS or Beta

And that’s just a few.

I had actually first been introduced to Myspace in 2002 as a “music website”, which is kind of funny considering what most people use it for now.

Still I find myself returning to it, every now and again, to try and find some obscure little band’s music that just hasn’t made it’s way to ITunes yet…like Fleet Foxes, for example. And everytime I go back I wonder….Are there hundreds of bands that I’m potentially missing out on because I no longer have a Myspace page? Should I recreate my Myspace?



I’ll just have to find other ways to get my social networking music fix.

Well have a lovely weekend fair readers! And if you are at SXSW….I hate you.

(jk…kind of)

Free legal resources? Really?

Hello fair readers!

Yes, it is Friday night. I know. But I have to work all day tomorrow. So what am I doing with my time?

That’s right. Go ahead. Laugh.

But seriously, I have discovered, with a wee bit of help from friends and blogs, two uber cool and free legal research tools.

That’s right. FREE. A word that doesn’t commonly come joined with the words “legal” and “research” very often.

That’s because of these two culprits

for the most part. And not that those publishers are by any means evil…at least…I don’t think so. They just charge oodles of cash for access to legal information.

So, as you can see, I was pretty psyched when I found out about these free websites that are actually quite progressive and efficient.

The first, and probably my favourite of the two, is PreCYdent Search Engine.

So. Freaking. Cool.

You can search for opinions and statutes, and then you can rate them, tag them, create PreCYdent widgets, put a PreCYdent facebook application on your facebook page….and lots of super cool 2.0-ish tools that are usually just not connected with legal resources.

The second, also free and cool, resource is The Public Library of Law.

This has LOADS of great, easy to locate info. Case law, statues, regulations, court rules, and omg even legal forms. I’m about to pass out….seriously.

I highly recommend librarians, particularly in public libraries, check out these amazing resources. The will be great tools for members of the public to start off their legal research. They are easily searched and don’t have hidden fees…at least not that I have encountered. It’s refreshing to see the legal research world opening up to 2.0 concepts.

I have said this before, but I will always say it again…three cheers for progress!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.