About Leah the Librarian

Hello. I’m Leah.

Photo credit: Carrie Porter of the Morton Grove Patch

Nice to meet you.

I live in the wonderful city of Chicago. And I’m a librarian.

note: that isnt me

note: that isn't me

Because quite simply, libraries are awesome.

I blog just about everything, commonly about library-related things or people who I think are completely strange. It’s fun.

I love music, windy days, Chicago, my little adorable dog Shinji

obey my dog!

Have fun. Read lots. Be nice to people and check out my links!


11 responses to “About Leah the Librarian

  1. Good. Lord. That is quite possibly the most adorable picture. EVER. (of Shinji)

  2. nice picture…

  3. Hi Leah,

    i am back in CT now. How are you? Are you still at Schaffner? Did you graduate? Any information about Liz or Julie? I am looking for a job. had some promising interviews finally. doing well i guess. miss chicago, very much so. but will get used to it. miss my freedom. miss being able to do as i please.

  4. i also like your lil dog. named after evangalion, i assume?

    i have a friend who just graduated from dominican. cheers from another LIS student, albeit one in florida!

  5. Nice catch Mia!! Most people not only have difficulty pronouncing the name but then also, undeniably say “What’s it mean?” His full AKC name is Shinji Ikari. :))

  6. Okay this is incredibly strange. I’ve just started working (as supply staff) in a library in the UK. Sadly – I am also bipolar and this is my first foray into employment for over a year. So I have some issues with working with the public. So, like a good info worker I do a google on “dealing with the public” and Leah’s site comes up. How did Google know about my librarian aspirations? Spooooooky. Anyway. Hi Leah! It’s nice to sort of meet you 🙂

  7. Awesome Suz!! Welcome to La de da! And good luck with your foray into librarianism. It’s a wonderful field to work in. I’m so pleased you chose it! 🙂

  8. Kevin King

    Great blog post! I posted it on the millage blog – http://vote4kplblog.blogspot.com/2009/05/former-kpl-blogs-about-library.html.

    I wish you were here to vote!

  9. Me too Kev. I’ll just have to rely on the family on have in Kzoo to vote for me.

  10. Cameron Ferrin

    Being a librarian has to be one of the coolest jobs ever! I stumbled into your blog after a number of random links and was very impressed….just wanted to tell you so.
    I just started my own blog and would love for you to stop by sometime and let me know what you think. I love to read and plan on sharing some of my favorite authors, books, etc.
    Keep up the good work here!

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