Public Service Announcement

Hello fair readers,

According to Wikipedia, a Public Service Announcement (also known as the PSA in certain circles) is typically made on radio or television and meant to inform the people and raise awareness about specific issues.


I feel like the concept applies to our situation. 🙂

I thought I would ask you take time for your busy holiday schedules to take a peak at the lastest post on the Young Librarian Series, announcing the creation of a Young Librarian’s Book Club for chicagoland library workers!

Click here:

And think about participating! Not only will this provide us with some great networking opportunities but more importantly, it’s fun! The author of the post Carrie Straka has come up with some great guidelines and a really neat idea. So I had to share it with the community, a la PSA

oh noes!

So have a lovely, wintery day fair readers! And I took forward to seeing some of you at the book club!


3 responses to “Public Service Announcement

  1. Holy Crap, Leah!! A PSA is an awesome idea! The book club is going to be huge!!!!

  2. Well the post had 70 views yesterday!! Woot 😉

  3. that sounds fantastic!

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