Introducing the Young Librarian Series.

My fellow young librarians and library workers:

I am now accepting submissions for an idea that I have been bouncing around for some time now. The Young Librarian Series is is a multimedia project. The basis is going to be a series of video interviews and guest posts on a blog graciously being hosted at tametheweb blogs. (ty Michael!!) Our themes will be generations in the library and being a Gen Y and young Gen X librarian; our experiences, our triumphs, struggles, cool projects that you might want to highlight and so on.

Items the you might want to consider submitting: generational based posts, library inspired art projects, new media projects, such as videos, podcasts, or a created resource. Really the sky is the limit here and I’m very excited to see what people have to contribute.

The goal of The Young Librarian Series is to provide a sense of community for young librarians. A place for us to collaborate, to center ourselves in the field. To brainstorm. To think. To discuss and empower.

My guidelines are basic: you must be a part of Generation Y or young-ish Gen X, so 40 and under. If you just want to bounce ideas off me and send a proposal, that is more than welcome. I don’t care what font you use. I don’t care if there are one inch margins. I want to hear about your ideas, your experiences. And your fellow young librarians want to hear from you as well.

Please note: If I have spoken to you about doing an interview or contributing, its time to start formulating some ideas. Send me an email with any and all questions.

The email: younglibrarianseries[at]gmail[dot]com

I so look forward to hearing from you and please, lets spread the word.

leah the librarian!


12 responses to “Introducing the Young Librarian Series.

  1. Sounds neat…I’m a young Librarian; I’ll be interested to see what’s one here. lmk if you need an article or so.

  2. Mandy you are more than welcome to submit a proposal! Send me an email with your ideas!

  3. I like your idea. I am Gen X and have been in the library business for almost 15 years. I started as a page and now am a director, and have done every job in between. I am interested in contributing. What sort of things are you looking for specifically?

  4. I’m looking for a variety of things and I’m very open to suggestions. You could think about writing a guest post on managing multiple generations or discuss some cool things that you have done at your library. If you have a resource that you are specifically proud of or a podcast that you want to share…those would also work. And also just some good writing.

    If you are interested in submitting a post/essay please keep in mind that I want things to be in a readable format. Think about how people read online. Short paragraphs. A couple screens at the most. You are more than welcome to shoot me some ideas!

  5. Hey! I’m in the “young-ish Gen X” category, so count me in. I’m the Technology Coordinator for our library and take care of all the IT/Tech Services stuff. I am heavily involved in our teen/tween programming (mostly video gaming, but other things as well šŸ™‚ ). I maintain a blog about my experiences at if you are interested!

  6. Hey Jim! Definitely interesting! Shoot me an email at with some ideas! Love the livejournal blog. * subscribed*

  7. sounds like a great idea! I especially like the idea of something created for online – its a lot easier at times to find time to write the equivalent of a blog post, than to try and write an entire essay on the same subject! (at least for those of us with way too many interests and commitments to find a lot of time outside of work to write!) I will be thinking and sending something hopefully soon. At the moment I may be siding towards something about how young librarians are constantly mistaken for students – just because a friend just had a funny story happen again, and I certainly have gotten a lot of it!

  8. Alison – that sounds wonderful! I look forward to hearing from you!

  9. Sounds like a something I would be interested. I am a young librarian, in fact, when I started I was the youngest at my library… although a few yeas have passed and some new youngin’s have come a long I love networking with like minds. Whatever you need let me know.

  10. Great Sesheta! You are more than welcome to submit any ideas you might have! Just shoot me an email!

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