Do you need anybody?

Hello fair readers,

Apparently Louisville KY was completely slammed yesterday with an absurd amount of rain.  And of course, we know what this does to libraries…

i assume, the remains of a bookmobile room

i assume, the remains of a bookmobile room

If you go to their website you can also see that their server is pretty much destroyed.

The blog See Also is taking up a collection of donations to help restore the library.  He writes “The initial estimate is $1 million in damage, but they must just be guessing at this point”.   You can also donate directly at:

The Library Foundation, 301 York St., Louisville, KY 40203, Attn: Flood.

Or call, 574-1709 for information.

If you have any spare change or even if you live in the Louisville area and can volunteer to help out, this is now a library in need.

Have a good week fair readers. And the best of luck to Louisville Free Public Library, you are in my thoughts and my prayers.


2 responses to “Do you need anybody?

  1. Alas, poor (or do I mean pour?) Louisville. If I lived there, I’d be helping out in person.

  2. Thanks for posting about this. I live in Louisville and the library is still recovering… The main branch is closed until after Labor Day (at least) and the catalog and website is still only partially back up. (The servers were all at the main branch and got fried. Er, well, the opposite of fried, I guess…)

    It’s a long road to recovery and every penny helps! Thanks much for your support.

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