A Vote for KPL

Hello fair readers,

(specifically those in Kalamazoo, Michigan)

Important news update.  The Kalamazoo Public Library has a millage renewal vote coming up on May 5th, this Tuesday.  For some good info and details check out this site:


But first…let me tell you a little about KPL.

Reference Area of KPL

Reference Area of KPL

I have worked and been in many libraries in my 26 years of living.  But I can tell you that KPL is special.  There is just something about the connection of the people who work there and the way they provide amazing resources to the citizens of Kalamazoo.  I’m talking not just book groups but free monthly legal clinics, grant writing classes, art exhibitions and this is on top of the collections of books, DVDs, specialized sections for small businesses, history buffs and local attorneys.

from KPL's flickr page.

from KPL's flickr page.

This library literally has something for everyone.  From the local artwork in the children’s department to the Westlaw terminal in the Law Library.  Kalamazoo is truly blessed to have such an amazing library at their finger tips.  The library won the Library of the Year award in 2002 but that isn’t even the half of it.  This library *is* Kalamazoo.  It embodies what is wonderful about that town: an open, educated, cultural location in which all are welcome.

Taken from kzooblue's flickr

Taken from kzooblue's flickr

So get out and do your part.  Your small part in keeping this library alive and thriving.  Get out and vote on May 5th.  I promise you will not regret it. Not one bit.

Have a lovely week fair readers.

6 responses to “A Vote for KPL

  1. Wow! The Kalamazoo Public Library is very nice!

  2. Jeremy Breeding

    Leah, WOW! You certainly honor KPL with your words. Our webteam is all abuzz after someone received a Google Alert regarding your comments. KPL is truly a unique environment; it’s no wonder that so many workers choose to study Library Science after entering the doors.
    Take care!

  3. i went to school in michigan but i never had an opportunity to visit that library. it looks (and sounds) amazing!

  4. Andrea– it really is a great library. If you ever find yourself in Kzoo you simply must check it out!

    Rich–whenever I hear things about Skokie is reminds me a great deal of KPL actually. I have this feeling they are both incredibly special libraries to be and work at 🙂

    And Jeremy — you also take care! Great to hear from you. Good luck with the vote on Tuesday! KPL is completely in my thoughts! 🙂

  5. Quick note: the millage passed!! Congratulations KPL!

  6. I’m happy the millage passed. I love the library. I just did a special on it at paragonlifeblog.com

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