beautiful beautiful beautiful.

Fair readers,

Just a quick post to share something completely lovely that I just read in a very sad little book called Hold Everything Dear by John Berger.

It’s actually a poem written by Nâzım Hikmet, a Turkish poet who spent many years imprisoned for his political beliefs.  The poem is called Under the Rain.  And it goes like this:

If I was a plane tree I would rest in its shade

If I was a book

I’d read without being bored on sleepless nights

Pencil I would not want to be even between my own


If I was door

I would open for the good and shut for the wicked

If I was window a wide open window without curtains

I would bring the city into my room

If I was a word

I’d call out for the beautiful the just the true

If I was word

I would softly tell my love.

Sweet dreams fair readers.


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