A Sordid Love Affair.

Hello fair readers,

It’s confession time again…

I am completely, head over heels in love with my new Xbox 360.

And I can think of at least three very good reasons for this…

1. Amazing games that are within my gaming interest.

I also have a Wii.  And Wii is fun.  Yet, I am a gamer girl at heart.  I like to sit down and relax and play me some geeeeeky games.

And the Wii just doesn’t do this.  You really aren’t just chilling, sitting there, and vegging out.  I suppose everyone has their vices…television, porn, candy….mine is a good japanaese video game with battle screens.


2. My controller is pink!

That’s right…you should be jealous.

3. Video capabilities.

Again, I’m going to compare this to the Wii because it’s the only other 3rd gen console I have right now.  So the Wii, for some damn reason, does not play DVDs!  But the Xbox 360 not only plays DVDs, you can watch Netflix instantly on it!

That is like taking two of my very favorite things and smashing them together so that I will never leave my home again.

Not even for food.

So yeah, I should probably stop geeking out at you about how much I love my new Xbox 360. (thank you thank you thank you)

Have a lovely, snowy weekend fair readers! And happy gaming!

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