Sexy Librarian.

Hello fair readers!

I had all sorts of plans to post a holiday happy day posting and that added to a lot of nothing.  So, here it is.  Moment of zen:

Happy Holidays from La de da!

So you might be wondering about the title of this posting.

Sexy librarian.

One of my favorite things about WordPress is that you get to see what search strategies lead people to your blog the most.  Some examples from mine are: progressive, libraries, leah the librarian, etc.

But the number one search term that leads people to La de da is this…sexy librarian.

I laugh when I think of how dissapointed this searcher must be when they stumble upon La de da…expecting perhaps a hottie with glasses and instead reading a posting on copyright law or Studs Terkel.

Kind of the polar opposite of what these searchers might be expecting to find.

So I’m just going to apologize right now to those of you looking for sexy librarian stuff.  I am happy that you are here, realizing what librarians are actually like.

And all of the things that what we stand for.

Happy holidays fair readers…even you sexy librarian searchers….and have a happy new year.

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