Leah the Librarian Votes.

Hello fair readers,

Today is a grand and beautiful day.  It is Election Day.

And in the spirit of Democracy and full disclosure, here is exactly how I voted in Chicago, IL.

Proposed Call for a Constitutional Convention: No

President and Vice President of the United States: Barack Obama and Joe Biden

United States Senator: Richard J. Durbin

U.S. Representative, 5th District: Rahm Emanuel

State Senator, 6th District: John J. Cullerton

State Representative, 11th District: John A. Fritchey

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioners: Frank Avila (Dem), Kathleen Therese Meany (Dem), Nadine Bopp (Green)

State’s Attorney: Anita Alvarez (Dem)

Clerk of the Circuit Court: Dorothy A. Brown (Dem)

Recorder of Deeds: Eugene “Gene” Moore

OK so I’m not listing out all the judges who are running unopposed because that just seems silly and there’s a lot of them.  I will however list the Judges I voted for in the Circuit Court:

Thomas E. Flanagan, Themis N. Kamazis, James Patrick Flannery, Sebastian Thomas Patti, Michelle Francene Lowrance, Evelyn B. Clay, John J. Fleming, Kathleen G. Kennedy, Barbara A. McDonald, James L. Rhodes, David P. Sterba, Kenneth J. Wadas, Gregory Joseph Wojkowski, Robert E. Gordon, Lewis Noxon, Thomas J. Lipscomb.

And finally, “Shall the Illinois Constitution be amended to establish a recall process for the office of Governor and other statewide elected official?”


Welp, get out and vote fair readers!  And be a good American. 🙂

4 responses to “Leah the Librarian Votes.

  1. Right on! I haven’t voted yet because the lines were crazy when I was going to go this morning, and I had a 9 AM shift on the Teen desk… but as soon as that’s done I’m getting my democracy on.

    Wish I still lived in my old Chicago neighborhood. I would have loved to be able to vote at the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club for this one…

  2. finally you guys got a good president, its been too long since clinton.
    btw can you imagine 90% of all germans would have votet for obama :O this cant be wrong 😛
    i hope you are enjoying your time

  3. Pretty Hip Librarian

    Hey there Leah! Wasn’t it a grand day! Love to still think about. Coincidently, at this moment one of most favorite songs from Journey, Don’t Stop Believe’in, is playing on the radio. Love every moment about that night on Nov. 4.
    As my loving husband, the marine, expresses on special moments! Hoorah!

  4. Pretty Hip Librarian

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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