Speaking Truths

Good morning, fair readers!

Two posts in two days?  It must be an August miracle.

Totally like that.  I know.

But the frontdesk secion of Library Journal made me pause this morning.

It mentioned a blog by the name of Baby Boomer Librarian. And a specific post called:

How to Kill a Young Librarian’s Love of Librarianship

(which I’m going to repost here, hopefully he will not mind 🙂  )

  1. Do not allow out of the box thinking.
  2. Award only those that maintain the status quo.
  3. Blame people for failures.
  4. Call young librarians “cute” and ignore what they can really do.
  5. Tell them “NO.”
  6. Do not allow new librarians to try out different duties. Limit them to only what is listed in their job description.
  7. Maintain walls between departments.
  8. Demand unquestioning trust in what you do.
  9. Veteran librarians know best because that is the way it has always been done.

As a new librarian and a young librarian, this list struck a cord with me.  I feel it should be read by all librarians and passed along.  Hopefully you will find this as intriguing, and even somewhat comforting, as I do.

Again, have a lovely week.


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