Notes to self.

*When people ask for zip codes it’s easier to just go to than to Google whatever address they are looking for and using Google Maps….kind of.

Well it just looks more professional use….so do it!

*People do and will file their taxes from last year, the year before that…and even the year before that.  So just remember where the tax forms are kept and try to keep lots of them.

* Throw away more dirty/used-condition Romance novels.

*Order newer, cleaner Romance novels.

See if Ingram has hard covers?

*And stop using Google so damn much!! You went to library school for a reason!

Damn you Google!  You are too useful to me!!

(Week three.  Half way done.  God bless being a full fledged librarian)


3 responses to “Notes to self.

  1. Great tips! Thanks for the advise. Working in the IT department for so long one can sometimes forget good reference skills and techniques.

  2. While I still primarily use USPS for ZIP codes, I use Google constantly on the reference desk without shame! I can get accurate information super quickly, so why hate?

    It also cracks me up when people say they have searched for something (often on Google) unsuccessfully, but then I’m able to find it. Sometimes it just takes the librarian touch. That’s why we go to school for so long and make the huge bucks!! 😉

  3. heh. Thanks Sara! That makes me feel a lot better. I have noticed that sometimes people just don’t know how to search. I’m such an adamant google user. It’s a hard habit to break. But I don’t think I really should have to! Hurray for Google! 🙂

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