Where in the world did Leah the Library Student go?

Hello fair readers!

You might be asking yourself…where in the world did Leah go?  And if you’re old enough to remember it, you can even sing that little song from the show that was based on the PC game.

Remember that show?  Sigh.  Good times.

But seriously, where the hell have I been?  Let me give a little hint.

Yes, that’s right.  My life has basically been overtaken by grad school in the past few weeks.  More so than ever before.

Because guess who is done?  Just take a little guess.  A tiny, itty guess.

The girl with the Information Policy book?  Omg good guess.  Me!

So right now, I’m in the weird period between student and librarian.  Officially, I’m not a librarian until May 3rd.  Yet, course work is done.  Assingments…done.  I guess it’s just all up to the waiting game now.

Still, I would like to share some of my final projects that I worked on this semester.  I would like to think that some of these are a culmination of my graduate career.  So you better believe that I’m going to share the things that have been completely taking up ALL of my time in the past few weeks.

First, my Humanities Public Piece. 

In my resources in the Humanities class, we had to take a topic that bridged over several areas of the Humanities and then design a public piece around it.  I chose to do Pride Month because I have worked at a library that has done LGBT programming before.  It was widely publicized, extremely popular, and rewarding for everyone involved.  Also my boyfriend works at this amazing bookstore that specializes in LGBT lit. and I really saw an opportunity to create some unique programming.  If you would like to view my presentation, click here.

Second, my instructional tool.

I decided I wanted to focus on free, authoritative legal resources on the Web.  All you regular readers know that this is an area that is of special interest to me.  Most legal resources are difficult to find, difficult to use, and insanely expensive.  Legal research should not be for the few, but for the public.

And finally, my National Information Policy presentation.

We basically had to pretend we were being nominated for the Secretary of Information, a position that exists in most countries…just not the US.  I tried to really narrow my policy proposals, as you can see if you watch my presentation.  


There was more.  Papers to be written, evaluations of presentations to fill out.  It’s strange that this is now over.  This huuuuge part of my life…that really only lasted about 1 1/2 years.

This is me 2 years ago…to the month, graduating from Undergrad.

Oh Leah the Library Student…you had no idea what was in store for you.


To everyone at Dominican GSLIS graduating in two weeks….congratulations friends.  We made it.


6 responses to “Where in the world did Leah the Library Student go?

  1. congratulations leah!!!

  2. Thanks Kai!!I’m so excited to have a life again! 😛

  3. Hey Leah! I found your blog through the comment on my instruction tool. I can’t wait to be done either in, what is it, 6 days!!! Won’t you feel so freed up? Congratulations to us all!

  4. Hello Leah! I would like to compliment you on your LIS projects. I think you’ve done a very nice job on all of them. I also enjoy browsing through your Flickr account. It’s very inspirational and fun to look at.

    Although we spoke a few times to each other, we’ve crossed each other many times in the halls and exchanged greetings. I think you are a very friendly and funny young woman.

    I wonder if you know who I am? We first met in our cataloging class taught by Kanti and we sat next to each other. I noticed you had a school planner and I was wondering where to pick one up and you informed me where to find it.

    I am also the young women you greeted in Lewis hall on our graduation day, and you asked me where exactly the cloister walk was at.

    After all the hustle and bustle, I was glad to see you arrive to the designated area.

    I would like to congratulate you again and wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.



  5. Hola/Hello

    This is me!


  6. Hey Semi! I totally remember you! Hurray for us and graduation. And making it through cataloging. 😉

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