Missing Myspace

Hello fair readers!

I have the day off today, which is a pleasant little surprise. So this morning I have just been playing about on the internet. Catching up on missed blog postings and all of Pitchfork’s news on SXSW…which I’m not at. And that makes me sad.

But this has basically led me back to multiple band’s Myspace pages, which in turn is bringing about a sense of….nostalgia maybe?

I eliminated my Myspace page just about a year ago. For a few reasons really. I had stumbled across the fact that News Corp. had bought it out…and that’s a little creepy.

Also I was just plain sick of the spam.

Various versions of that girl requesting friendship over and over again. Ugh.

But there were good things about Myspace.The quirky, clunky html codings of your friends, in all it’s glory and occasional ridiculousness.

I guess there is something a little endearing about being able to create your own code….or in most cases use Thomas to create your own code.

As much as I love Facebook, I have to admit missing that touch of personalization.

But what I miss the most, hands down, is the music.

There are bands that I discovered through Myspace that I now love and probably never would have found…ever…if it weren’t for the website. Just to name a few:


Ulrich Schnauss

Goddamn Electric Bill

VHS or Beta

And that’s just a few.

I had actually first been introduced to Myspace in 2002 as a “music website”, which is kind of funny considering what most people use it for now.

Still I find myself returning to it, every now and again, to try and find some obscure little band’s music that just hasn’t made it’s way to ITunes yet…like Fleet Foxes, for example. And everytime I go back I wonder….Are there hundreds of bands that I’m potentially missing out on because I no longer have a Myspace page? Should I recreate my Myspace?



I’ll just have to find other ways to get my social networking music fix.

Well have a lovely weekend fair readers! And if you are at SXSW….I hate you.

(jk…kind of)


4 responses to “Missing Myspace

  1. I feel ya. My friend Ian likes to dig at me since I like/use MySpace so much. I know it is poorly designed. I know it is owned by pure evil. But yet, so many of my friends are there, and I get to pass on HTML love. I just can’t let go. However, MySpace has markedly ramped up their use of captchas – for sending email, posting comments, etc. I fucking hate captchas. This may be the last straw…

  2. Ugh I hate captchas too! I don’t know why but I always have to fill them out over and over again. It makes me feel like a total idiot.

  3. I also miss myspace even though I became very addicted to it. You’re right there was a lot of good music and personalization possibilities.

  4. Additionally, paste of horseradish application on the

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