Free legal resources? Really?

Hello fair readers!

Yes, it is Friday night. I know. But I have to work all day tomorrow. So what am I doing with my time?

That’s right. Go ahead. Laugh.

But seriously, I have discovered, with a wee bit of help from friends and blogs, two uber cool and free legal research tools.

That’s right. FREE. A word that doesn’t commonly come joined with the words “legal” and “research” very often.

That’s because of these two culprits

for the most part. And not that those publishers are by any means evil…at least…I don’t think so. They just charge oodles of cash for access to legal information.

So, as you can see, I was pretty psyched when I found out about these free websites that are actually quite progressive and efficient.

The first, and probably my favourite of the two, is PreCYdent Search Engine.

So. Freaking. Cool.

You can search for opinions and statutes, and then you can rate them, tag them, create PreCYdent widgets, put a PreCYdent facebook application on your facebook page….and lots of super cool 2.0-ish tools that are usually just not connected with legal resources.

The second, also free and cool, resource is The Public Library of Law.

This has LOADS of great, easy to locate info. Case law, statues, regulations, court rules, and omg even legal forms. I’m about to pass out….seriously.

I highly recommend librarians, particularly in public libraries, check out these amazing resources. The will be great tools for members of the public to start off their legal research. They are easily searched and don’t have hidden fees…at least not that I have encountered. It’s refreshing to see the legal research world opening up to 2.0 concepts.

I have said this before, but I will always say it again…three cheers for progress!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


3 responses to “Free legal resources? Really?

  1. Hi

    Thanks for the review! We may have to use “So. Freaking. Cool.” as a slogan or something, unless of course it belongs to you and we will have to pay you a lot of money every time we use it. (Just kidding)

    The coolness factor (not to mention the site period) is due to a team of very hard working and committed engineers in Italy. They will be most encouraged by your comments. So thanks, seriously.

    We are working hard to put up a lot more free law soon. It’s not really free of course. More like, we’ve paid for it already. Maybe there’s a slogan in that somewhere.

    Tom Smith
    PreCYdent Inc.

  2. I give you full permission to use my non-trademarked nor copyrighted phrase “So. Freaking. Cool”. All my glorious phrases are well within the public domain. 😛

    And thank you, Tom, for creating such a great resource for librarians like me to geek out over! Give those Italian engineers a big pat on the back for me.

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