Yes we can.

Hello fair readers!

Not a whole lot of time to write this morning. Running from one place to another. 🙂 You know how it goes. I’ll let this speak for me:

Just wanted to share and again, encourage everyone to get out and vote. And hopefully vote for change. Because isn’t it time?

Have a wonderful Sunday.


2 responses to “Yes we can.

  1. Wow. I just about cried my fool head off. Thanks! 🙂

    I recently watched Lewis Black here in Vancouver, and he had a bit where he started this big rage-on about “How dare they talk about ‘hope’ when we have spent the last eight years bashing it out of every individual in the country?”

    and then with a suddenly very serious look on his face, Lewis said “We’re just not ready for that much hope, so soon. We need to lead up to it. We can’t adjust that fast. Give us a minute to catch our breath.”

    I was sorta pathetic, and kinda beautiful, and yet so simple.

  2. It makes me tear up every time I watch it too. Isn’t it lovely to feel so inspired?

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