Is that patriotism I feel?

Hello fair reader!

Every morning when I wake up, make my coffee, and then open my lovely Osaka to read the news, I read articles about the validity of endorsements. From most of what I have read, they just don’t really matter. Despite the fact that people are claiming that Oprah helped out Barack and that Chuck Norris is…well….just being Chuck Norris I guess…

for the campaign of Mike Huckabee….wow that ad is just so strange.

So while everyone is running out to attach their name to a candidate of choice, most people agree….endorsements mean nothing.

And still….I am going to endorse someone. You may be thinking, why? I am not famous in any capacity and most research shows this whole endorsement thing is frivolous anyways. And no, I’m not a secret superdelegate, at least not yet.


But few things make me feel patriotic these days. In fact I can only think of a handful of things that evoke that emotion in me, like the night game scene in the movie The Sandlot and when Fozzy the bear sings America the Beautiful in The Muppet Movie.

No I’m not kidding. (and I can’t believe I could not find either of these moments online?!)

But as long as I have been able to vote, I have had to deal with this guy

a man who could care less about me, my best interests…or really the best interests of any American. It is hard to get excited about politicians when you have had one drag you through the lying mud for the past 8 years, befouling not only you but your entire countries reputation.

So when someone comes along who is honest

and not just about this….it’s just kind of funny.

But even that…omg a politician is funny. I didn’t even realize that was possible! A genuinely amusing and honest Presidential candidate who supports my and, more importantly, the country’s best interests.

Barack Obama can unite this country. Not just Democrats, but Independents and Republicans as well. And no, I don’t care and could care less about what he said in regards to President Reagan. That is just ridiculous.

He has a world view that I respect and understand. His experience which gets called into question time and time again is fantastic, in my point of view. His experience shows me that he is dedicated to people, not corporations. He believes in freedoms, like that of the press, when many (ehem, The Clintons!, ehem) would rather hold them at an arms length and even go to great lengths to control what can and cannot be said about them.

And I will address this issue, only because some people feel the need to write accusatory op eds on the topic, you can still be a feminist and vote for Barack Obama! I think a core belief of third wave feminism is the idea that men can also be feminists. Barack Obama is a candidate who will protect and enhance the equality of women. I refuse to vote for a candidate based on their sex. That goes against everything I believe in. And that is that.

I am not afraid to say that Barack Obama makes me feel proud to be American.

I have not been able to say that about a Presidential candidate…well….ever.

Register to vote, educate yourself, and then get yourself to a Poll on your election day! And have a lovely Friday fair readers.


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