Web 2.5?

Hello fair readers!

I came across this site today: Purple states and it set me to thinking.

Purple states is web broadcast-style coverage of the primary elections. It is user created ala Web 2.0, but watch the introduction video. It is only user created to a point. It is professionally edited and enabled by the creator, New York Times.

The other day I was talking about Web 2.0 with my boyfriend and he said this, “Web 2.0 is over. It’s evolved. More complicated”. Is that true?

I suppose from the beginning 2.0 has always been a very broad, difficult to define term. It took a sixteen page, or so, article just to explain it by the man himself.

Yet I have always been lead to believe that the theory of 2.0 revolves around one major concept: user created content.

Take Second Life, for example. A world where the vast majority of the content is indeed user created.

As a former MMORPG player, I found Second Life to lack something….a little shine maybe? A good solid point and purpose. So I wonder in a world when 15 million users are playing the same games that made me slightly less excited about the clunky graphics of Second Life, how long will it be around? Is this just the first stage? A hint of metaverses to come?

I do not know the answer to these questions. I’m not sure anyone does. But I suppose that this is the glory of 2.0. It’s all so nebulous, yet exciting. People can barely define it but want desperately to be a part of it.

Still if this is the case, that 2.0 is “over”, then what is next? And most importantly, what are the librarians going to do about it.

Have a lovely Sunday fair readers.


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