Never took Physics.

Hello fair readers!

Today I stumbled upon a very cool thing while drinking my morning coffee and avoiding thinking about my demolished vehicle….

that’s right…broken beyond repair. But I digress….

The cool thing involves some geeky science people, very unlike the very large SUV that slammed into the side of my tiny, gas efficient vehicle. No, it involves a renowned school and some Science Professors at MIT.

and it also involves this article:

At 71, Physics Professor Is a Web Star

So this morning while I was drinking my morning coffee, I was doing the usual. Reading headlines from the New York Times Online and up pops the previously mentioned headline. Right away it caught my interest since I’ve always had a secret envy of people with Science backgrounds. Instead I choose the mighty path of a Lit major….mighty. That’s right.

Anyways, this article lead me straight to MIT’s new(ish) project of OpenCourseWare. This prostegious instituion is now offering course materials online, for free, including videos of lecturers and lecture notes. Not only could I have really used this in Undergrad (come on WMU! Catch up!) but how cool is this for the general public?

That’s right. It’s almost as cool as this picture of the Penny Arcade boys battling robots….which is just really really cool. But also means that in this really geeky, I-wish-I-had-taken-more-science-classes kind of way, it’s ridiculously awesome.

So check out OpenCourseWare, bringing high education to masses. And those of us who were too busy with musical theater in highschool to give AP Physics too much thought.

Sigh. Those were the days.

Have a lovely Wednesday fair readers. And watch out for speeding Jeeps. They just might ruin your car.


2 responses to “Never took Physics.

  1. So sorry about your car Leah. Same thing happened to me twice–once on the road–they took off. And once in Dominican’s parking garage–also took off! A lot of people suck! Especially SUV people.

    Hopefully yours stuck around? Do you at least get a nice new car out of the deal?

  2. It’s a longish story but I wasn’t the person driving my car. And basically the person who drove the car, a family member, it technically is her fault. I wasn’t in the car, but I know the intersection where it happened and this guy had time to stop. Time enough for her to honk several times at him (she was turning left). He was a jerk. And my car is ruined and nothing is wrong with his. It’s just frustrating.

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