My Blogger’s Block

Hello fair readers,

My sincerest apologies, as it seems I have come to a bit of a bumpy blog road.

I have been dealing with a bit of writer’s block. It’s not that things have been dull. Indeed things have been quite interesting and exciting.

I saw Yo La Tengo in concert

and not just saw them but this so happened to be my first first solo concert experience. Alone. And it was really lovely. Hands down my best concert ever.

I also threw a fairly decent, at least I hope so, Halloween party. Stefan and I went as Dwight and Angela from The Office.

My roommate Nathan went as a Jackson Pollock painting

And Shinji spent the night as an adorable rooster

Which he really despised at first and then came to realize that it was just his fate to become the cutest rooster pom ever.

And there were other events as well, like parties on the 33rd floor of highrises downtown…

long drives from Michigan to Chicago using backroads only…

and even Shinji’s first excursion to the pumpkin patch.

So why the blogging block?

Well fair readers, I just don’t know what to tell you. Hopefully this time of crisis will pass over soon enough.

Until then, here is the playlist for a late autumn mix. Listen, enjoy and wish me great topics for future bloggings.

Blogger’s Block Mix. For late Autumn.
1. The Way You Look Tonight – AIR

2. Anticipation – Blonde Redhead

3. Set the Ray to Jerry – The Smashing Pumpkins

4. Recommendation – Mirah

5. Lullaby – The Cure

6. Videotape – Radiohead

7. Cortez the Killer – Neil Young

8. Parallelograms – Linda Perhacs

9. Alyda – Yo la Tengo

10. Treehouse Song – Nina Nastasia

11. Masterfade – Andrew Bird

12. Company in my Back – Wilco

13. Scenic World (version off Lon Gisland EP) – Beirut

14. Strings – Asobi Seksu

15. Kids Will Be Skeletons – Mogwai

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone. Enjoy these dying days of Autumn. Aren’t they just so precious?


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