Hello fair readers.

This morning I feel groggy. Why? Perhaps there was a little sangria last night. Just a bit. So while I drink my morning coffee I have been going through my photographs from the summer and listening to music.

Good morning.

But I thought I would share with you what I think are some of the better pictures from this summer and it’s corresponding song. So here we go:

We can begin with this one

(Currently listening to Mama, Won’t you keep them castles in the air burning? by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)

I took this picture on May 30th, which technically is still spring. But it was such a hot day. I had just moved into my new apartment and felt like exploring. And commonly when I feel like people watching, I head over to the Faces fountain. It is hands down one of my favorite places to be in Chicago on a hot summer’s day. For those who have never been there, children and adults alike run around in the fountain, waiting for the faces on the screens to make their “oh” face like this

and then they run under the stream of water, screaming and laughing. I love it.

Next photo

(currently listening to The other side of Mt. Heart Attack by Liars)

(I had to shrink the photo to fit. please view the original here)

I didn’t take this picture. My boyfriend Stefan did. And I will always be in his debt for it. I love my older sister. Colleen is hands down my best friend. You will always have fun with her. Probably get into some kind of trouble but be giggling the whole time. She lives back in Michigan and every now and again, she will last minute drive down to Chicago. And it is always a good time. This night my two amazing cousins, Lauren and Nathan, Colleen, Stefan, our friend Caitlin and I all went out to eat Italian in Wicker Park. It was one of those nights where you are the only people in the restaurant. Aren’t those amazing? And we drank wine, ate lots of food. Ended up at the tiniest little bar called Danny’s. Long and short of it, it was ridiculously fun. And my older sister is awesome. The picture was taken on May 31st.

(currently listening to Theme by Jon Brion)

(view original here)

I took this picture on June 10th. This summer my sister (in the middle) married Nate (on the left). I took this picture of my mother, Nate and Colleen in front of the Detroit River on the day of their bridal shower. It was a beautiful day. When the wind is perfect, not too hot. People were fishing off the pier, although I wonder how edible the fish from the Detroit River could possibly be. Regardless, it was a good day. I actually had to turn in a paper that day for one of my graduate classes. The whole day I was thinking “copyright law…need to think of ideas for copyright law paper”. I had a portion written but I’m one of those people that leaves things until the last minute. I cannot help it. It’s just how I work. And it seems to work out for me quite fine. This was one of the few moments when I wasn’t so concerned anymore.

(currently listening to Tommib by Squarepusher)

(view original here)

I took this photo on June 14th in New York City. Stefan and I were sitting in his apartment about a month before. He just looked at me and asked me if I was interested in going to New York. Of course I said yes. I love this city. I’m not quite sure what it is but I am attracted to it. It’s big and it’s dirty and people are constantly moving. But there is a beauty in that. So many people on such a tiny island. We had an amazing time. This was taken on top of the Met.

(currently listening to Age of Consent by New Order)

(view original here)

On June 24th I went to my very first Pride Parade. It was such an enlightening and amazing experience. It was like a sensory overload. Everywhere people were laughing and singing and drinking and shouting and dancing. Oh yeah…and there were some floats too.

(currently listening to Like Gold by Erlend Øye)

This picture was taken by Stefan on July 14th at the State and Lake El train station on the way home from Pitchfork Music Festival. While it may not be the best picture structurally, it is perfect for me. This night was one of the best of the summer. We watched music all day. In the picture with Stefan and I are Andrea and her boyfriend Jon, two fellow librarians. We all went back to my house very drunkenly and drank beer in the park across from my house. People just happened to be setting off massive amounts of fire works. And they were awesome. We played on playground equipment and ended the night watching Kung Fu Hustle. It was beyond fun. One of those nights when I feel so lucky to be alive.

(currenlty listening to Good Morning by Punjabi MC)

(view original here)

I took this photo on July 21st at my older sister Colleen’s bachelorette party. In the picture are my new sisters in law (that’s what it’s called right?) Niki and Maija. We had so much fun. But I must tell you. Organizing 21 drunken girls throughout a night on the town in Chicago is….complicated. So much that I really didn’t get drunk because I was constantly thinking about the next step. But! The most important thing is…well…just look at Colleen’s face. She loved it. 🙂

(currently listening to Let’s be Still by Yo La Tengo)

(view original here)

When it comes to pictures of the wedding, it is extremely hard to just pick one. I could have done this one or this (because seriously that child is adorbable). But I chose this, taken by Molly Boyette on August 4th, because it is a really beautiful moment. Just when my dad was done walking Colleen down the aisle. Good shot Molly. Seriously.

(currently listening to Með Blóðnasir by Sigur Rós)

(view original here)

September 3rd. Back at the fountain. Just perfect. As always. Makes sense to end where I began, right?

Now the summer is over. And Autumn is setting in. I’m ready, camera in hand.

Happy Saturday fair readers.


3 responses to “Reflections

  1. Thanks! 🙂

  2. I had a great night after the Pitchfork Music Festival. Thank you! Good Times! Wow, the summer is over. What a great summer I had.

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