Why I won’t live in Lincoln Park

Hello fair readers!

Hopefully this beautiful Saturday is treating you well so far.

seriously perfect.

(the view from my window. just now. perfect)

This day has actually inspired me to pump my tires on the old bicycle (finally) and go for a jaunt.

But first, I thought I would share my interesting experience last night at Hideout Block Party.

This event is an outdoor music festival of sorts that takes place in a parking lot that appears to be owned by the Department of Fleet Management of Chicago. It’s a 2 day event and only costs $35, which is nice…unlike certain other music festivals….


too much money!


Granted, this festival is a much smaller scale than any of those festivals or even Pitchfork for that matter. Still the first night was yesterday and there were two bands that were totally worth seeing.

They were The Cinematics and The Changes, who were my personal favorite of the night. Unfortunately, there were also some disappointments…as there often can be. Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, besides having one of the worst band names ever, is barely worth mentioning. And the 1900s were just at the wrong festival. If we were in Tennessee and it was the middle of the summer…maybe. But I just ended up feeling sorry for them.

However the most disspointing, hands down, was Bloc Party, the brit pop band.

They were by no means bad live. That wasn’t the issue. In fact, they sounded exactly like their albums….which can be, well, just disappointing. Not bad. In fact I’m sure this says something about them as pop musicians, that they can sounds so much like their recordings. It just is also kind of boring. And when it appears that 80% of the population of Lincoln Park showed up to hear them as well? Well then it just goes from boring to unbearable.

I saw many of these


Please note the trucker hat, which I was sure had gone out of style once Punkd was finally canceled.

But I was wrong. In fact, there were multiple trucker hats, bros or as I have heard them called before, “chads” and “trixies“.

And apparently, they are all avid Bloc Party fans. Which is disturbing on several levels including the fact that I think the band is kind of fun and neat.


Needless to say, we left after a couple songs because it was just unbearable. I will suffer through a shite crowd for bands or performers who I really love...but not for a band that I could get the same experience listening to their CD in my bedroom.

Tonight is Andrew Bird. Let’s hope these guys

(from the Urban Dictionary)

3. bro


Obnoxious partying males who are often seen at college parties. When they aren’t making an ass of themselves they usually just stand around holding a red plastic cup waiting for something exciting to happen so they can scream something that demonstrates how much they enjoy partying. Nearly everyone in a fraternity is a bro but there are also many bros who are not in a fraternity. They often wear a rugby shirt and a baseball cap. It is not uncommon for them to have spiked hair with frosted tips.

stay at home.

Happy beautiful Saturday fair readers.


One response to “Why I won’t live in Lincoln Park

  1. Hahahaha…I love, love, love that definition of “bro.” So good. Sorry Bloc Pary was boring!

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