Guide for bad tippers.

This article:

this one

made me think.

First it made me think: that’s nice. Bloomberg is an interesting politician.

Then it made me think: I’m glad he included tipping on there.

And I am. People who don’t know how to tip properly are infuriating. So let’s go over this once and for all. Here it is. A guide for bad tippers.


This blog will now take a slightly condescending tone.

Hello you. Have you ever wondered why you get treated badly at your favorite restaurant that you like to go to? Maybe it’s because you think leaving 10-15% as a tip for your server is a good thing.

Well it isn’t.

In fact, that is AWFUL.

You should always leave servers/bartenders and the like, at least 20%!

Otherwise you will embarrass the people you go out with, piss off servers all over, potentially get something nasty done to your food next time, and just overall look like an insensitive person.

Look at this website:

Revenge Against Bad Tippers!

or this one

and this:

When you tip badly, people pretty much hate you. And you want to know why, bad tipper?

Because servers make usually anywhere from a whopping $2-$3 an hour. Did you realize that? Repeat this with me:

Servers live off of tips!

So just cough up a few more dollars. The difference between$3 and $5….not that much. But it does mean more to the server. It means you recognize their importance and value their hard work and just simply, you are not an idiot.

So let’s all remember service industry workers and their extremely difficult jobs next time we go out to eat. Because serving is hard. Bartending is hard.

You know what isn’t hard?

Calculating 20% of your bill.

Don’t be a jerk fair readers. Learn how to tip.

Happy Wednesday.


8 responses to “Guide for bad tippers.

  1. HELL YEAH!!!!
    Bad tippers suck.

  2. I thought you would appreciate this one. 😉 I might not serve anymore but I certainly remember the stress and frustration.

  3. I usually tip 20%. Part of it is my concern for people who are stuck with the often crappy job of serving other people’s whims. But part of it is also my laziness–it’s so easy to calculate 20%. Figuring 15% takes more brain power! 🙂

  4. People should think, “What would Jesus tip?”

  5. maybe the cure for the bad tipper is to give them a shift at the local diner for a night. not only would they appreciate the work that goes into serving, but make enough in tips to buy a beer at the end of the day AND remember to tip the bartender.

  6. I like your idea Andrea! We should totally make a bumper sticker that says that.

  7. I’ve been educated! I always thought servers get minimum wage, not $2-$3 an hour. Now it makes me wonder why servers are ever friendly. Twenty percent sounds a little low for some of the service I get, especially if I eat at 3A.M. For all you math challenged folks, let me help you. To find 20% of your tab, move the decimal point one place to the left, and multiply by 2. It won’t hurt if you round that amount up to the next dollar. Every little bit helps, especially if servers only make 3 bucks an hour.

  8. @Bob ‘O

    Well the thought is that they will make at least minimum wage with the tips included. However as we all know not everyone has the common sense to actually tip….grrr. Anyways thanks for the tips!

    (oh yeah, I made that pun…and you love it!)

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