Blame it on the rain.

Everyone in the Chicago area today was lambasted.

scary weather.

And I was outside.

Today, was a very strange day at the library.

In fact, today was just a really strange day.

First off, my allergies were freakin’ insane all morning. Awful. It was practically unbearable.

Then I finally get to work and the fire alarm goes off.

really loud.

Not a warning because we evacuate the building and fire engines pull up. We wait. And wait. No fire. We can all go back in.
Back into the building. And start hearing rumors about storms. I felt like I was in a mariner’s pub.

“There’s a storm a-brewin'”.

watch out for albatrosses

So, I’m feeling a bit peckish. And what do I decide to do? Go get food! Great idea! Hurray!

I get outside and call my mother. All of a sudden the sky gets dark. I literally said to my mother

“I think I might get rained on”.

And whoosh. The craziest insane wind/rain/hell rains down on Fairbanks Ave. I scream a bit, hang up my phone and try to decide what to do.

This results in me standing still for a minute, thus completely soaking my entire body to the bone.

::run for cover::

As I stumbled back towards the library, I realized it was pointless. I basically just had taken another shower, with clothes completely on.


Then I get back to the library, where everyone is headed towards the basement. Apparently there is a tornado warning.

So down we go, to Wieboldt Hall’s basement. Which was yes, very creepy. And I was wet. Very very wet.

My mother calls to make sure I’m ok. I say “yes, i’m in a basement”. Oh boy. And strangely, my allergies that had been plagueing me all day? They were better.

What the hell?

I went back upstairs to hear a sea of sirens.

scary monsters.

Apparently the scaffolding on the building across the road from us had tumbled down during the storm.


When the student worker for the night finally made it into work she told us her version of the chaos. Waiting an incredibly long time for a train and then just giving up and driving. While driving, she saw something a little like this:


Lightening striking the top of the Sear’s Tower.

Now after a couple of hours huddled next to a space heater, I’m almost dry. My horoscope for the day? It’s as follows:

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): It’s hard to keep an even keel with others
today. You might go overboard, or they might go overboard. Somebody’s going
to end up in the water.

Seriously? Wish I would have read this earlier on today. Never have I had a horoscope that was so literal.

Now those of us stuck in the library still from the weather and also those of us who still have to work tonight (me) are sitting around our student worker’s Mac laptop, watching old Alfred Hitchcock presents episodes

it's slow in Schaffner

Because, quite honestly, not many people are headed to the library when there is a Sever Weather warning in effect for the area.

Hopefully everyone is safe tonight. And taking shelter from the rain. It will surely be an interesting commute home tonight.

Happy Thursday fair readers. Stay dry.


6 responses to “Blame it on the rain.

  1. Yeah, Kzoo got bitch-slapped too… It came so fast and furious it was ridiculous. I drove into the teeth of it while leaving Vicksburg. All of downtown up to Cork/White/Parkview is still out of power as of 6 something last night. It was insane last night… Glad to hear you’re ok!

  2. You too! I heard that K-zoo was hit. Today I’m hearing all kinds of stories, skyscrapers that had windows blow out, buildings actually collapsing….it was insane. I think I can truly say this is the only time in my life where I’ve seen rain fall horizontally.

  3. Leah, I’m sorry you got caught outside in all that. It was such a weird storm–it came and went so quickly, but it was so windy and eerie. I’ve been out of power since 6pm last night, and consumer’s energy is estimating that I won’t get it back until Sunday. Boo.

  4. Jen the Hermit

    I was inside on Thursday, and was like ‘is that rain I hear?’ and not a minute later the lights went out. It was definitely very fast. Our apt. complex got power back last night, though, which was a lot nicer than having to wait til Sunday, which is what I had heard too. Did you lose power at your apartment at all?

  5. Weather’s such a great marker for intense memories (remember Camron and the fireworks in the fog?). Thank goodness this was only scary, wet, cold, windy and inconvenient! What a great descriptive story, thanks Leah, sorry you had to live through it… but it sure was fun to read!

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