Even More Love.

Noticing a theme here? I guess I’m just feeling lovey and happy. Recently I’ve been discovering things that make me really really happy. Here are a few:

  • Planet Earth

This program is amazing. I makes me cry and cringe and laugh. It’s amazing to watch not only the breath taking animals and environments here on Earth but the feats the production crews went through to create this work of art.

I actually use Hillary Rodham Clinton’s recipe for cookies. Last night I made them and realized as I started that I didn’t have any vanilla. I substituted a bit more sugar and upped the amount of chocolate chips. And let me tell you….they are yummy.

  • 1234

Feist‘s newest album is wonderful. You should go buy it. Now.

I think it’s just leaps and bounds better than Myspace for several reasons. Less advertising is probably the biggest. Also it’s more private. And not owned by News Corp. On that same note, I have finally deleted my myspace page. So if you thought I defriended you or something of that nature, that is not what happened. I’m actually kind of proud of myself. You all can do it too. It’s not the most straight forward process in the world (as in you must click through to about 8 million pages deep, then confirm, check your email, log in again and again confirm) but once it’s done you can then start a blog here or here and join this better social networking site.

Cheap sparkling water? Yes please.

  • Autumn


Yes. I know. It’s not here yet. But it should be, damn it! I demand cooler, milder weather and I demand it now! Summer. Your time is over. Let’s give the other lovely seasons a turn to shine. And be less muggy.

  • My pets

the hux man

Isn’t it great how completely weird and wonderful pets can be? Not that they have been doing any extremely odd in particular. I just think their personalities are really strange and adorable.

And finally

Probably the cheekiest and most amusing political blog I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. (Thank you Stefan, for the introduction)

Well that’s about all the love I can handle right before I have to go to class. Have a lovely Wednesday everyone.


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