La Modista Ltd. on Clybourn.

Be prepared. I am about to rant. I’ve been scouring the internet for reviews sites to rant as publicly as I can. Because I’m just vindictive that way. So I’ve ranted here, here and even here. And here. Oh yes, and here.

And here.

So now I’m going to rant on my blog. Because I want to. And because, fair readers, I don’t like being treated like garbage.

Or even this kind of Garbage.

Because they both suck.

So let’s just get to the story, shall we?

My sister is getting married on Saturday. My super cool, awesome, totally amazing older sister Colleen.

(She’s the one of the left)

And she chose me to be the maid of honor, which is wonderful. So I buy the dress she picks out for the bridesmaids and I like it. It’s cute. Like this:

but in Lilac…

Very pretty.

And, as most bridemaid’s dresses must be, my dress needed to be altered. So! I decide to take my dress to….. *insert evil, sinister music* la modista ltd. on clybourn!!

I made my appointment for about a month before the wedding, plenty of time to take in the bust. At least I thought so. So I go in for my appointment and they tell me that they don’t have me written in their appointment book.

I tell them I called a week ago…and they basically imply that I’m lying to them but that they can manage to fit me in.

How kind.

So they measure me. Pin the dress. And tell me that cannot get it back to me until August 1st…and they know damn well that the wedding is on August 4th because I had just told them that. That seems fine to me. They take my number and I go on my way.

And this wasn’t all that awful. I still was feeling like I had picked a nice place. Everything would be fine. la de da.

Well, I go back yesterday and try on my dress to find that, low and behold, it will not stay up. They didn’t take the bust in enough. I walk out of the dressing room and tell the owner (who wasn’t the woman who originally fitted me but this time was helping me). Right away she calls over the woman who did fit me, as she’s pinning the dress so that it will stay up. When she shows her what she did wrong, the woman (and I’m not even kidding) points to my chest and says, “Well that’s why I didn’t pin it so tight. Look at that pudge”.




At the time…I was so stunned that I didn’t yell. I didn’t scream. I just dropped my mouth in utter surprise. I know I’m not tiny but I certainly don’t consider myself chubby. Which is what she was implying.

I just looked at the owner and who was saying that she could have it ready for me by Friday. I told her I couldn’t do that. I wanted to just take my dress and leave.

So essentially I paid $35 for some stupid woman to tell me that I don’t look good in this bridesmaid’s dress. Grrrrr.

Honestly, I like the dress. I think I look good. And that woman was probably just trying to cover her ass because she didn’t do a good job. But seriously, who does this? Insult the customer? Is that really a good idea?

So basically this means that I have to whip out the old sewing kit and make myself some straps.

It will certainly be simple. But it could have been avoided if some people did their job correctly.

So! What have we learned?

  • Don’t go to La Modista Ltd. on Clybourn.
  • Don’t tell the customer that they are fat.
  • Don’t go to La Modista Ltd. on Clybourn!

Lesson learned. They suck.

Have a lovely Thursday everyone.


8 responses to “La Modista Ltd. on Clybourn.

  1. Did you complain with the BBB?

  2. Not yet. I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate or not. Do you think this qualifies as a legit consumer complaint?

  3. Oh my god what a bitch. Holy shit, Leah, you have no pudge. None. If you did, it would be totally adorable on you, but, honey, you don’t have it. I hate people sometimes.

  4. Well I just complained with the local BBB. That actually felt kind of good. 🙂 And thank you Caitlin.

  5. Vaucanson's Duck

    I had no idea La Modista sends their employees to the Don Rickles Finishing School… Don’t let that jealous little berk poison your weekend, or your sister’s wedding. What rubbish.

    And if you ever do need anything tailored, the little place next to the lovely stationer Paper Doll, on Division St by Damen, has done good work for me…sorry, can’t remember the name just now.

  6. jenwholikesbeingchubby

    Point me at her – I’ll explain to her what chubby really is…while squishing her! Grr!

  7. Hahaha…I wish I had said what Jen said!

  8. Jackieisawesome

    Don’t worry, she’ll probably have a seat next to Ann Coulter in hell.

    Didja try using tape to keep it up? Not regular tape, but they make tape that sticks to fabric and skin specifically for keeping things…up.

    Hope you still have fun at the wedding!

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