Little Fluffy (tag) Clouds.

While sitting bored at work, many things can pass through my thoughts. For example:

why did I reveal a vital important aspect of the most recent Harry Potter book to someone who hasn’t finished yet?

why is China so insanely freaking awful and polluted?

what can I learn about myself by studying this tag cloud?

This, for those of you who don’t know, is a Tag Cloud from Tagging is the art of applying natural language or some sort of identifier to a piece of information. And for the dork librarian in all of us, this is called *sinister music playing*


*shrill screams as non-catalogers run for the door*

As frightening as the idea of metadata (aka information about information) is, tagging is freaking awesome. And so are tag clouds. The idea that I can apply words to my pictures and then access and organize them this way…well…I like that. I like that cataloging has actually taken a step towards being understandable to the general public. I’m not saying to do away with the dewey decimal system (even though I think most librarians agree it is an outdated, biased system) and just throw things about willy nilly. We all know that doesn’t work.


It is a great step foward when organization has become user based, and when you want to find something on corporate finance, you don’t have to look under the subject heading Corporations Finance because quite honestly, no one calls it that!

Library rant. Over and out.

(notice how my second biggest tag is drunk? oy vey)


One response to “Little Fluffy (tag) Clouds.

  1. Dewey is so terrible for computer-related literature.

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