Pitchfork Music Festival Day 2

Hello Fair Readers!

For the past few days I have been spending my time at Pitchfork Music Festival, an extremely well organized and quite fun music festival. In comparison to Lollapalooza, which I’m sure will be amazing no doubt, but the price has now reached a whopping $190, lovely little Pitchfork is $50 for 3 days of music, beer, and fun.

Pitchfork is held is the picturesque Union Park

photo taken by leah white

which indeed has the space to accommodate the large amounts of people who are there. For the most part.

Some of the really nice things about the festival is the organization. Food is not awful and overpriced. I had a veggie curry for only $5 and all the water is quite large and only a $1. Also the beer is kept simple. All Goose Island all the time, which means all 312 for this little blogger.

The concerts were fun. I was accompanied by a very nice group of people, including two librarians

and Stefan’s friends who happened to bring Battleship.

he lost.

But no matter, we were having a grand, slightly drunken time. We saw two particularly interesting groups including (my favorite of the day) Battles, this crazy Math Rock band that was just…well….pretty damn amazing.

And also we did catch part of Cat Power’s set. Unfortunately my view looked a lot like this…

which is, as you can imagine, kind of lame. But still she was pretty wonderful.

At this point, we were all getting slightly drunken.

as you can see. So we decided to head out for the day. The train ride home was…well….eventful.

But we made it back in one piece. It was a blast.

Probably the most amazing thing about Pitchfork so far was Friday night. A company called All Tomorrow’s Parties in collaboration with Pitchfork, presented Sonic Youth performing Daydream Nation

and the GZA performing Liquid Swords

Needless to say….it was probably one of the better concerts I’ve ever witnessed. Alas, I was sans camera. So you’ll just have to imagine it in your mind.

*insert musical day dream here*

So today I’ll be off to Pitchfork for the last day. I’m sure it will be as amazing as the first two. And as always, it will remind me just how lucky I am to be in such a wonderful city.

Happy Sunday fair readers.


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